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The thing about travel bloggers is they are not always travellers.

At networking events, I meet travel bloggers who have excellent DA scores and what not, but have barely left the comfort of their own homes. And even if they did, it was on mostly on press-trips. I prefer to follow travel-bloggers, who I know have actually TRAVELLED. Which means, I am aware of their travelling exploits and I am deeply jealous of them.

These are some of the travel blogs I follow or read from time to time, especially when I lack inspiration or motivation. Its amazing to see the different travelers out in the world and what they are up to. Well, mostly they are doing things that I always need assurances for.

Are you a traveller first, and a travel blogger after? If yes, lets exchange links then. Contact me here!

List of blogs I follow

Rambling Feet

Nick is an intrepid traveller I know from Singapore. The ultimate expert on anything related to Finland and New Zealand.

Ou Estelle

So, this blog is in French. But Estelle is one of the most amazing French travellers that I have met, backpacking solo through South America and South East Asia. If you manage to translate her French writing, you may be in for some really amazing travel tips.


Well, this blog is in Estonian. (yeah, google translate to the rescue again!). But Jan and Paarla were 2 Estonian motorbikers I met in Majuli, India. In fact, they rode their motorbikes all the way from Tallinn to India! I was inspired by their ride, and hope to do the opposite one day.

Romancing the Planet

Sai is another Indian traveller who I found out about through the internet when I was looking for visa guides for Indians. And his guides came in handy for Sri Lanka and Vietnam. If you are an Indian traveller looking for visa guides, I recommend his blog.


List of Blog Directories I follow


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