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I became a traveller first, and a travel blogger much later. In fact, I travel because it’s one of the things I love to do. And over time, people have taken notice of HOW MUCH I travel. Personally, I have been humbled by so many other amazing travelers that I meet on the road, that I don’t think I am even worthy of any media featuring me. But I did have the pleasure of appearing in some.

Little joys, of a little life‘, I call it.

News portals

1) Deccan Chronicle, Kerala: Abhilash is not home! Click here for Page 1 and for Page 2.

2) The new Indian Express, Bangalore: For my stint in Couchsurfing.

Click here for Original link. Click here for PDF Excerpt.

3) Treebo: Top travel bloggers of India who give us travel goals.

4) Reisijuht (Estonian news portal): For my project 365, which completed its 300th day in Estonia.

Click here for Original link. Click here for PDF Excerpt.

5) Woovly. About the man who chases festivals around the world.

6) Madhyamam (Malayalam print): For travel inspiration for Keralites. Click for Page 1. For Page 2. For Page 3.

7) Interview with Indspire.me, who feature inspiring Indians in different fields.

Click here for Original link. Click here for PDF Excerpt.

8) Interview with LivingIT, who feature individuals who are living their passions.

Click here for Original link. Click here for PDF Excerpt.

9) Interview with Eccentrips, who feature long-term Indian travelers.

Click here for Original link. 

10) Featured by InspiroIndia, for giving some serious travel goals!

11) Featured by Rushlane, for the K2K2K ride from Kibithu to Kanyakumari to Koteshwar.

Published Books

1) One of the contributing poets of ‘Capitals’, AbhayK’s anthology of poems about all the capitals of the world.

Guest blogging posts

1) I scaled Thailand’s tallest mountain… on a battered old 125cc scooter – 101 India

2) Kerala to Kolkata on an enfield – Holidify

3) Midgetboxing in Manila – IndspireMe (Misadventures around the world with Abhi)

4) Staying ON the beaten path in Andaman and Nicobar islands – OnePlanetRating

5) That time I travelled to the wrong Indonesian Island – IndspireMe (Misadventures around the world with Abhi)

6) How to survive the Great firewall of China, without a VPN – IndspireMe

7) 8 Photography tips for the hornbill festival – UFOAdventure travel



1) ComeSingapore: One of the winners of the 10 best photographs of Singapore.

Click here for PDF Excerpt.

2) Holidify: Named one of India’s top photobloggers.

Click here for Original link.

3) IndspireMe – Top 3 inspiring places in India. Click here for the Original link.

me at work

As the photo poignantly proclaims, I am busy with travelling right now. This page will be updated soon…

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The last time I checked, there were no bugs on that page. Seriously.



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