Kibithoo to Kanyakumari to Koteshvar : The detailed Routeplan

So, here is the detailed route-plan for my upcoming K2K2K riding trip from Kibithoo H.Q (Easternmost point of India) to Kanyakumari (Southernmost point of India) to Koteshvar temple (Westernmost point of India) between 20th Dec 2017 to tentatively 1st May 2018. You can read about the detailed K2K2K ride here.


But before you read further, there are a few things you should know.


  • It’s a plan. Not a manifesto. And plans do change, based on a lot of factors.
  • I am not one of those riders who rides 500 plus km on the same day, and without stopping anywhere. My 34-year old butt definitely needs a break every 40 or 50 kms, does a few stretches, and enjoys the scenery around. And it is very rare that I ride more than 250 Kms in one day.
  • If I like a place, I would stay there longer than what I have planned. After all, this is a ride. Not a race.
  • The reason why there is no dates (except from the start and finish dates), is because I don’t like to plan my exact itinerary down. As mentioned, if I like a place, I stay down there for a few days. I have earmarked 5 months for this trip (which is a looooot, as most riders would tell you), but my purpose is not just the ride itself. It is also to see my country in a detailed format, and even take time to document it along the way.


Bird’s eye view

k2k2k kibithoo to kanyakumari to koteshvar

The route plan for the k2k2k ride. Google maps has no idea how many breaks i take and how many times i veer off from the original path!

The detailed route

[ultimatetables 2 /]

I will be posting updates about the ride (including the pre-planning phase) on my blog, on my Facebook page, and on my instagram feed. Follow me in any of these places along the way. And if you want to team up, help me or partner with me, click here for the overall project description.