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I quit my corporate 9-to-5 job which afforded me a very decent lifestyle, and the idea was simple. To travel far and wide, and blog about the different places that I see. That was the expectation.

Reality is a different ballgame. The challenges of budgeting for long-term travel, are finally beginning to hit me. I do make a little money on the side from photography and some assignments, but definitely not enough to support me for a long time.

If you have enjoyed my travels as much as I hoped you would, and would like to keep me travelling for a little longer – in other words, make sure that I AM NOT HOME – you can fund me a little bit. Not much, just a little bit.

And whatever you decide to contribute, I will always send you a token of appreciation. This can be a photograph, an online coupon, or even a printed photo frame for large contributions.

And here are some ways you can contribute:

1) Contribute through PayPal

Click below, if you would like to contribute to the travel fund.

And drop me a note here so that I know who you are. And I can give you my gratitude.

2) Contribute through direct transfer

If you would like to direct transfer the money to me, here are my bank details to help you out.

HDFC bank
Account no: 05001610004600
IFSC code: HDFC0004056

SWIFT Code (for international transfers): HDFCINBBCHE

Note about IBAN: If you need an IBAN number, click here for the table of IBAN numbers, and choose according to your bank/currency.

3) Let me do a sponspored post for you.

I do sponsored posts, once in a while. Let me know if there is any specific place, hotel, airline or anything else that you would like me to review, and I can do the same for a small sum of money.

4) Buy my pictures directly

You can buy my pictures directly from my 500px account. 

5) Click on my google advertising

I use very minimal advertising, with only a google adwords box on the left. If  you like something there, do click it 🙂

For any contributions you make, I will keep you updated on how I plan to spend it. But if you think your contribution is substantial, please feel free to demand me to do something that you would like me to do.



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