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My days of being a full-time wanderer, are behind me for now. Now that I am back in a corporate job, I try to find exciting vacations, while saving up for my next long travel. And one important factor when taking these vacations, is time. I do want to travel cheap, but I also want to maximise the time in any new place. So logically, the best option is to take a direct flight. Thus minimizing any transit time, and maximising your vacation period. Wondering where to go with an Indian passport? Click here to check out my list of […]

10 Direct flights from India, that you may not have known about!

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It has been an annual tradition for me to take atleast one or 2 trips to Europe every year. And from Singapore, the cheapest way to do that, is through the many middle-eastern airlines that make cheap connections possible with transit in their respective countries. Qatar Airways, Saudia airlines, Oman Air and Turkish airlines compete among each other to offer the cheapest fares from Asia to Europe. The price is usually very cheap, but the only problem with these airlines, is the long transit time. And one is often forced to spend a few hours (some unfortunate transit situations could go […]

8 Totally FREE things to do during a transit at Qatar’s Hamad International Airport

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This is a list of countries that do not require a visa, or offer a visa on arrival for Indians. If you are looking for countries that offer electronic visas (E-visas), click this list. There are plenty of countries which do not require an advance visa for Indian citizens. And if you are an Indian – or if you have interacted with an Indian – the chances are likely that you will believe/hear the most commonly stated reason why Indians dont travel much. “I need a visa for every fricking country that I want to go to!” Click here for […]

Top 10 countries where Indians can travel without an advance visa!

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Let’s admit it. For their small size, the Micronesian and Melanesian nations are spoilt by tourism. Prices are sky-high, and you would not be wrong to assume that you are in a developed country. I want to do an extensive South Pacific tour sometime, and I choose Vanuatu as a first point to visit. Just to get my feet wet, and see exactly how expensive it can get. Further Reading: For another amazing country in the Pacific, check out my stories from Fiji. Oh, it can get very expensive, as I found out. Starting from the flights to get in, […]

6 Tips for Travelling Cheap in Vanuatu

This post was originally written in 2013. But the blogpost and screenshots have been updated in 2015, to keep up with the changed layout of Couchsurfing. ===================================================================================   In one of my previous blog posts about travelling like a freak while still being employed, I had mentioned how couchsurfing had helped me a lot in my travel streak. I have been using this platform for 3 years now, hosted about 70-80 people in my last home in Singapore, and been hosted by 30-40 people ever since I became a full-time traveller, and have too many wonderful stories from couchsurfing. Many people have been dissenting […]

How to always find a Couchsurfing host. Or, almost always!

Before I started to travel the world in June 2014, I used to be a corporate employee too, like most other people around me. I did the 9-to-5 chore, and frankly, I did enjoy it. If you are one of those people who know me in real life back then, you will also know that I still used to travel a lot back then, at least once a month. And you might have also seen the multitude of questions that pop up on my Facebook/twitter feed. “Are you being sponsored for all these trips?” “How do you get all these leaves, man?” […]

How I used to travel like a freak, while still employed!