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“The most interesting stories are found between the pages of your passport”   I can’t remember who said that, or where I read it. But I do remember when it got etched into my mind. It was in one of my weekend trips from Singapore to Malaysia. I was travelling with an Italian friend to check out the Putrajaya region of Malaysia. At the immigration, she just showed her passport and walked through – because Italians do not require a visa to enter Malaysia. I showed my passport, with a brightly coloured Malaysian visa. The immigration official checked the visa […]

The Unexpected Benefits of an Indian passport: 5 Interesting Visa Stories

Call me a late bloomer. But it was only in 2016 that I realised that Instagram could be a powerful platform for absent-minded travellers like me to keep track of their travels.   No, it wasn’t just for the Warholesque 15 minutes of fame that I got from posting each photo. But rather for the fact that I could use my Instagram to make a proper timeline of my daily travels, sights and activities. Something like my project365, but without as much effort. I am not a regular blogger, and don’t always get time to write a blogpost during a […]

2017: A year through my Instagram Travel Photos

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It was not just the weird-looking contraption that caught my fleeting attention. It was also what was written on it. “Ja Houve de Balao, Aviao, Barco, Carro, Moto e Bicicleta … Maz de skate e a 1 vez!!!” I knew a little Portuguese, thanks to 2 weeks in Brazil, and I kind of figured out the translation. It went something like, “There has been balloon, plane, boat, car, motorcycle and bicycle. But first time on a skateboard”   I sat in the arrivals section of the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata, sipping a lukewarm sugary drink that […]

Meet the Brazilian skating around the world – Marcelo Silva

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This is a list of countries that do not require a visa, or offer a visa on arrival for Indians. If you are looking for countries that offer electronic visas (E-visas), click this list. There are plenty of countries which do not require an advance visa for Indian citizens. And if you are an Indian – or if you have interacted with an Indian – the chances are likely that you will believe/hear the most commonly stated reason why Indians dont travel much. “I need a visa for every fricking country that I want to go to!” Click here for […]

Top 10 countries where Indians can travel without an advance visa!

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I was no stranger to Bali. But I knew this trip was going to be different. It was for the Toughmudder in Bali. Oh yeah. Waaaayyyy different! As I sat on the window seat of the Airasia flight, on a turbulent Friday night, it slowly dawned on me that the turbulence was more inside me, than outside. This was probably the 4th time that I was visiting Bali. I have rode a motorbike through the entire island in the past, and even stopped here on the way to my epic trip in East Timor. I had seen pretty much every […]

Getting muddy in the Island of Gods: Toughmudder in Bali

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2 minutes into this blog post, and you may begin to question whether I am a travel blogger or a financial management blogger. I wouldn’t blame you if you did. But I would subtly remind you that I am the worst person to be taking financial management lessons from, since my ideas mostly work only for myself. Yet they can be modified and used for your own travel plan. And I would even remind you – even more subtly – that continued and sustainable travel is only possible when there is strong financial management skills to back it up. Why do I even […]

How to get that bang for your travel buck!

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Well, I did it last year. So, it simply wouldn’t make sense if I didn’t do it again! I thought 2013 was momentous, but I notched it up a few knots in 2014. The year started with travel, and continued with travel, and I am still travelling as it ends. While I could not visit some of the countries that I had planned for this year, due to time and visa problems (like China, Bangladesh and Iran), I did manage to also visit some which were not on my original list (like UAE, Qatar and Sri Lanka). So, here are […]

2104: My year in Travel photos

Update: This post was originally written in 2014 as ’10 countries with Evisa for Indians’ (because they were so few before). But the number has increased since then, so I decided to make it a post about all the countries which offer Evisa facilities for Indians. This post is about countries where Indians can get an E visa (Electronic visa or e-visa). For a list of countries where Indian passport-holders do not have to prepare any advance visas, click here. If you are an Indian, and require help help on visa requirements (or have any general questions about Indians travelling […]

All 25 Countries with E-Visa options for Indian citizens

Some movies make you cry. They make you laugh. They make you get angry. Some movies also make you want to travel. In my case, I was also inspired by a few movies, which made me want to stretch my travel horizons. It would be surprising for most people, not to see ‘bucket list’ in my list below. But I never felt that ‘bucket list’ was the way I wanted to travel. I was definitely not going to wait till I die, nor am I a millionaire to see all those countries the way it is seen in the movie. […]

5 movies that have inspired me to travel

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After a good and decent 2013, I have been mulling the last couple of weeks over my travel plans for 2014.   ================================================================ Click here for my update of 2013, and the countries visited. ================================================================   Most hardcore travellers I know, tend to drop everything at the drop of a hat and catch a flight. That’s their commitment to travel. Well, not me. I have a regular job, and personal commitments. So as much as I would love to drop everything, I have to plan that drop well in advance. So, as it mostly happens, most of my flights are […]

15 countries on my 2014 Travel Radar