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hogenakkal waterfalls karnataka
Planning your next day trip as a Corporate team? Ditch the same old places and enjoy something new and meaningful that will not only strengthen the team spirit but also allow you to have lots of fun. Here are 8 places a short hop away from Bangalore for your next corporate outing. Ramanagaram If your team loves Bollywood, then Ramanagarm is the perfect spot for you. You can recreate scenes from Sholay as this is where Sholay was shot. Packed with adventure, Ramagaram is excellent for a day trip. Ideal for trekking, spelunking, rock climbing, and rappelling, this is an […]

Best places in Bangalore for Corporate Day Outing (Guest Post)

novotel surin poolside room
I had written about my experience plunge-pooling away in a cozy suite in the Novotel property in Karon, Phuket. But there was one more Novotel property which I got to check out immediately after Karon.   Say hello to Novotel Surin Beach Resort! A warm welcome home. From Novotel Karon, I was picked up by a chauffeur and taken to Novotel Surin. I had assumed that this would be a short drive, and had not checked up google maps earlier (yeah, I tend to be infamously careless on trips where I am chauffeured around). Turns out, Karon and Surin beaches […]

Fire and Ice! Hotel Review of Novotel Phuket Surin

kudlampatti waterfall sirumalai 1
What do you do when you are solo, working in a cozy little town thousands of miles away from home but in a naturally rich landscape? This was a question which would haunt me for months when I first came to Madurai. Then I found my answer when I realized that with such beautiful natural surroundings, who needs the typical urban trappings? And thus my Tamil Nadu adventures began. I would take a drive around town and explore the nearby hills, villages, coasts, and other towns. One of such exciting escapades recently happened to Sirumalai. This is a small cluster […]

Sirumalai: The perfect Getaway from Madurai (Guest Post)

Bangalore to chennai road
Bangalore to Chennai is a bustling route and one that I have had the pleasure of taking regularly – a regular trip would not take more than 7 hours for normal people. (Hint: I take longer, but only because I stop every 10Km like a little child) This route is common with business and official travellers as the two cities are their state’s respective capitals. However, the backpacker that I am, I have mostly taken this route for the sheer joys of traversing it. The road, which passes through the countryside of Tamil Nadu, is full of many interesting stops […]

Along the Bangalore to Chennai Route: Pitstops for a Fascinating Roadtrip

Novotel phuket karon entrance
In August, I took yet another 3-week Thailand trip, this time through Phuket and Bangkok. Yeah, I know. I just cant seem to stop visiting Thailand!   But during the trip, Novotel threw me an offer to check out a couple of properties in Phuket. And the first one was a couple of days in a plunge-pool suite in Novotel Phuket Karon Beach resort and spa.   When I read the invite, I was a little puzzled. I had tried plunge-pool spas in Helsinki, Finland. But the idea of a room with one’s own plunge-pool was foreign, atleast to the […]

Plunge-pooling away! Hotel Review of Novotel Phuket karon