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Bangalore to chennai road
Bangalore to Chennai is a bustling route and one that I have had the pleasure of taking regularly – a regular trip would not take more than 7 hours for normal people. (Hint: I take longer, but only because I stop every 10Km like a little child) This route is common with business and official travellers as the two cities are their state’s respective capitals. However, the backpacker that I am, I have mostly taken this route for the sheer joys of traversing it. The road, which passes through the countryside of Tamil Nadu, is full of many interesting stops […]

Along the Bangalore to Chennai Route: Pitstops for a Fascinating Roadtrip

Novotel phuket karon entrance
In August, I took yet another 3-week Thailand trip, this time through Phuket and Bangkok. Yeah, I know. I just cant seem to stop visiting Thailand!   But during the trip, Novotel threw me an offer to check out a couple of properties in Phuket. And the first one was a couple of days in a plunge-pool suite in Novotel Phuket Karon Beach resort and spa.   When I read the invite, I was a little puzzled. I had tried plunge-pool spas in Helsinki, Finland. But the idea of a room with one’s own plunge-pool was foreign, atleast to the […]

Plunge-pooling away! Hotel Review of Novotel Phuket karon