Self reflections

In October 2012, I turned 29.   I had friends contacting me on different channels, and some of them making up some plans. But, what did I do? I stayed holed up in my room all day, accompanied by a bottle of Absolut, and a pack or more of Marlboro lights.   And what was the thought that kept me in that morbid state the whole day, detached from everyone I know? The fact that I was only one year away from turning 30!   Here I was, living up my life, in the prime of my life, and the number […]

Because life begins at 30!

Three stars and the sun
Being an avid (OK, you can define ‘avid’ as a past-friendly adjective) quizzer, I’ve had a keen interest in the Philippines flag even before I came to Philippines. I mean, go ahead and ask any quizzer, a good reputable one, which country has the distinction of not having a separate wartime flag, but instead just inverts their flag during a period of war? And pat, or maybe plop, would come the answer – the Philippines.     Anyway, I’ve spent a year here already, so I had to get a memoir of my time here. So, why not make it […]

Three stars and the sun : A tattoo in the Philippines

Chariots of time race past me. And helpless I stand, before the charge. It has wings of fire, and wheels that never tire But time and its chariots never stop for me, but why? Time! Stop for your son. Your son is weary, your son is tired. Your son has commitments by plenty to keep. Time; stop for me. Let your son weep. Time! Stop for your son. In thine hands I was cradled. Your hands, to rub, they never rise. Oh time, the tears off my cheeks.   ========================================================= Must be all the beers I had on Saturday, but […]

Time! Stop for your son.

The colors have faded off you, you stand naked, deprived of your own skin. Are there mirrors around you? Or are the smiles around you, actually fake?     I won’t judge; nor am I going to standby every shadow you leave.     You are just a drop in the ocean Enjoy your ripples while they last.    ============================================= I seem to have a habit of writing poetry on napkins, and then finding them after years.

A drop in the Ocean

Written in the days when I was a call center executive, who worked nights, and slept days. My body clock has not forgiven me for that yet. 1. You wake up in the middle of the noon and wonder who turned the lights on. 2. You tend to ask yourself which is the most masculine part of Britney Spears’ body. 3. You switch to contacts for a day, and then switch back to glasses for a year. 4. The last time you drank was the last time you were sober. 5. Your fave abbreviations are RC, JD, KF and MC. […]

The casualties of being me in India