Read them on the road

Towards the end of November every year, Klueless has me sorting through everything from Caesar boxes, cryptography, and countless Wikipedia and google searches. All the while searching through the official blog for clues of any kind that I can find. This year was no different. But, what turned out to be different was that I managed to complete it within 10 days of launch, remarkably different from previous years, when I would still sit on the websearch for months. The search was worth it, learning multiple things on the way.   What follows is not a spoiler. There is no […]

How Klueless 6 was conquered

A very old poem, that I unearthed today from a pile of articles that I had maintained somewhere. Out of the clutter came out this beauty. It’s a translation of Ali Sardar Jaffri’s ‘Kaun Dushman Hai’, which I remember was published just after the Kargil war between India and Pakistan. Beautiful verses. And the only thing I can think of when I read through this is – I want to visit Pakistan!   You were slaves till yesterday, so were we. And then came the season of freedom bathed in showers of blood…   Between you and us rage rivers […]

Who is the enemy?