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2nd March 2015 – Denizli, Turkey I will miss them all: The Turkish food with the sugar cubes. The food. Oh, all those delightful things that melt in my mouth! All all those fairytale mosques, with their outstretched minarets. But it will be the people I miss the most, when I leave the south. I should be somehow thankful to Georgia. I would not have stayed so long in Turkey, if they had given me a visa. They didn’t, and I ended up staying nearly 6 weeks in Turkey. I wasn’t the typical vacationer here, shuttling from point to point to see all the […]

Project 365: Day 244 – Elveda Denizli! Tesekkurler Turkiye!

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1st March 2015 – Denizli, Turkey I have seen them all my life, but never clicked Those beautiful black-bodied sleuths walking on the grass. But when I finally had to click a red-plumed rooster, They were enigmatically made of sheer glass. Denizli is not a touristy place, and is commonly known only for its proximity to Pamukkale. (which also explains why they dropped by bags at Pamukkale yesterday). But I had made some friends here, and so decided to stay here for my last couple of days in Turkey, and just party it up a little. But because I had to […]

Project 365: Day 243 – The roosters of Denizli

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28th February 2015 – Denizli, Turkey I travel too fast, I am often judgingly told By other travellers who live ages in one place. Maybe it is true. Maybe I should take it more slow.. But my backpack. Well, thats at an entirely different pace. After I took the bus last night to Denizli, I managed to sleep soundly on the metro lines bus (metro lines is the name of a bus company in Turkey), that reached Denizli by 6.30 AM. I went out of the bus to take my backpack from the luggage hatch, only to find out, that it […]

Project 365: Day 242 – Otogar days

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27th February 2015 – Goreme, Turkey Through the first rays of the sun, I saw a city, Still lost in old-world charm, lies the magical Uchisar. But first, I have to deal with a potter and his jars. And through them, a different perspective from afar. After a long while, I woke up really early today. I am talking 5 AM early. All to see the sunrise at Goreme. And it was gorgeous, made more awesome by the fact that I was the only one I could see for miles and miles, all the way till Uchisar, when the sun came […]

Project 365: Day 241 – Through pots and chimneys

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26th February 2015 – Goreme, Turkey I said my goodbyes to mosques. Atleast for now. I am now in the land of churches, but not the normal kind. Dug deep into rocks, like a scene from Cameron’s Avatar. Sometimes reality trumps the hollywood fantasy grind. After a ridiculously long journey, involving 2 buses and a minibus, I was finally in Goreme. Cappadocia is a region of magical beauty, as I noticed during my minibus ride from Nevsehir to Goreme. Almost resembling a lunar setting, the whole region has been a refuge for Christianity, from the Ottoman period itself. There are churches in chimney-shaped […]

Project 365: Day 240 – The lunarscape of Cappadocia

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25th February 2015 – Bursa, Turkey From Istanbul to Antalya, Turkey is full of mosques. And make no mistake, I love them all. They are so scenic. But after weeks of seeing the same minarets and domes, I wish I also had some other options to pick. Most of the day went doing domestic stuff, like finishing my laundry and some more work which involved me warming up my crotch with my laptop. In the evening, I was to meet Ibrahim in Bursa to help me buy a new jacket, since my current jacket is already bursting in the seams pretty […]

Project 365: Day 239 – More mosques. What else.

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24rd February 2015 – Istanbul, Turkey One more day in Istanbul. One more mosque, this one new. But the mosques have charmed me enough. I am done. The snow had spat on my plans the last few weeks, But I still have a little bit more of Turkey to see in the sun.  I finally managed to leave Istanbul today, after being stuck here for a week. The snow had thwarted most of my plans already. I had planned to go to Trabzon, Sanliurfa, Mardin and Van, but I don’t think I have enough time for that on this trip. So, I […]

Project 365: Day 238 – A new mosque, for the last day.

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23rd February 2015 – Istanbul, Turkey The erstwhile Constantinople, had seen me loitering around For a few days already. I think it’s hight time I said bye. But before I leave, there is one last thing I needed to click. A timeless fountain, built by the Germans, yet still remains shy. I think I have been spending a lot of time in Istanbul lately, and I decided to get out by the next day. The day was spent booking a bus ticket to go to Bursa, where I plan to meet my friend Ibrahim for a short while. And then proceed […]

Project 365: Day 237 – The German fountain and the hippodrome

balata tower, istanbul, turkey
22nd February 2015 – Istanbul, Turkey Friends had come, and friends had gone. Its me and my backpack again, battling one more day. The morning light is beautiful, and tickles my senses. But its the night, and a distant tower, that I fancy today. So, I am back to travelling alone again, since my friends for the last few days have moved on to other travel plans. The day was spent being lazy, and just eating a whole lot of durums (wraps) from street side shops. I tried to click the vendors, but the pictures didn’t come out too satisfactory. At […]

Project 365: Day 236 – The Galata tower

sema, whirling dervishes, istanbul, turkey, travel, photography
21st February 2015 – Istanbul, Turkey Like the moons around the sun, they whirl in their prayers. With one hand touching the heaven, and the other, the ground. The Semazens in white gowns and tall sikke hats, show us. That even in outlawed religious groups, a rare gem is found. I have mentioned before on this blog, that Baraka is one of my all-time favourite movies, and one of the movies that have inspired me to travel. And one of the epic scenes in Baraka, was the sema ceremony of the Mevlevis.  Or as we know it, the whirling dervishes. I […]

Project 365: Day 235 – The whirling dervishes of the Sema ceremony

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20th February 2015 – Istanbul, Turkey I feel like a jetsetter, as I cross from Europe to Asia, And back. All in the matter of a single day. And stopped by on the way back, for a little quiet, when the blue mosque was still blue, and in my way. And after 2 days of hell, the snow finally stopped today. I also managed to find some other friends of mine who were stuck in Istanbul in the snow. Aurelia has already been with me from the last day, but today we were also joined by Isa, my friend from Bursa. […]

Project 365: Day 234 – Ok. I see the blue now!

Istanbul, Turkey, travel, blue mosque, mosque, photography
19th February 2015 – Istanbul, Turkey The snow has begun its onslaught, and I am stuck on a precipice A wicked ledge, from which I can see, but can’t feel. But a mosque, that had its name in blue, spread a red carpet. I had a prayer on my lips. I think I did kneel. The snow showed no signs of waning today, as it kept piling and piling. Fortunately, I met an old French friend from Singapore, who was also travelling in Istanbul, and we managed to go out for a little bit, against the blinding snow. The sultanahmet area has a […]

Project 365: Day 233 – The blue mosque, is red inside.

Istanbul, Turkey, little hagia sophia
18th February 2015 – Istanbul, Turkey Seasons came and left, and what is left of a great view of a little mosque with an enchanting history, is just the snow. There are many wonders to be seen in this intercontinental city, But I guess the script is written. Today, we go a little slow. The snow started last night. And it has no mind to stop! I am staying near the little Hagia Sophia for few days, and the morning view from the window was both sad and uplifting at the same time. There was the glorious little Hagia Sophia, also […]

Project 365: Day 232 – A snowy Istanbul, indeed.

hagia sophia, museum, istanbul, turkey, travel, photography
17th February 2015 – Istanbul, Turkey At first, there was the great church of Constantinople,  And then came the ottomans, and made it a mosque. As we now stare at what Ataturk secularised into a museum. We better stare quick. Tomorrow, the snow will put it to task. After all the portrait attempts yesterday, I took the late night bus to Istanbul. I had some friends visiting Istanbul, and I changed my plans a little bit to see Istanbul with them. I found a rather cheap place near the Sultanahmet area. I had stayed around here just a few days ago, […]

Project 365: Day 231 – A church! A mosque! A museum!

Denizli, turkey, travel, photography
16th February 2015 – Denizli, Turkey Narcissist! I jeered at myself. Then I smiled. At the prospect of being on the other end of the click. Between the slave and master in a studio setup, I almost felt like I was shooting a chick flick! I have taken all kinds of photographs on this trip. Ranging from portraits, panning shots, monochrome shots, HDRs, mobile phone shots, long exposure shots, lens flares etc. But one think I have never taken – and which many people keep asking me – is a self-portrait. But well, when I am travelling, there are so many interesting […]

Project 365: Day 230 – Not selfie! Self-portrait!

Pamukkale, turkey, travel, photography
15th February 2015 – Pamukkale, Turkey From the hustle and bustle of the big Bul, I am off to the cotton castles up in the air. Snow is never my favourite element, but limestone? Oh, for that kind of white, I have a totally different flair. I reached Denizli in the morning, around 7 AM. I am couchsurfing with a guy named Taskin here, and his Facebook chat showed that he was awake till 4 or 5 am. I had no intention of waking him up so early on a sunday morning, so just hung around the otogar (bus station) in Denizli […]

Project 365: Day 229 – Pamukkale, the cotton castle

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14th February 2015 – Istanbul, Turkey Love is in the air! But I am breathing none of it today. Either I have a blocked nose, or the city has hidden it deep. I looked around on both sides of two massive continents. No, there is nothing for me. I will find a bus, and silently weep. I stayed in the Sultanahmet region last night, and found another friend from Singapore Couchsurfing, who was travelling to Istanbul. Might be a good thing, because I didn’t want to be alone for valentine’s day! Today, we did the lesser known ways to spend V-day, like […]

Project 365: Day 228 – Valentines on the Bosphorus

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13th February 2015 – Istanbul, Turkey I ran away from a cauldron of lust, and found myself In an unexpected vessel of hidden gluttony. In a hollow pretzel, I placed all my beliefs. But what the heck. It costs so little money! I booked myself a place in the Sultanahmet region of Istanbul yesterday, on the European side. While the decision was majorly influenced by the hookers last night, it was also chosen due to its proximity to all the major architecture in Istanbul. I ended up walking again, which I have been doing quite a bit lately. Only thing is, I […]

Project 365: Day 227 – Surviving Istanbul on Simit

Izmir, turkey, travel, photography, travel photography
4th February 2015 – Izmir, Turkey Between 2 long vein-like roads, a city is nestled. Against the wind, and the deep blue sea that stretches beyond. There is a cosmopolitan vibe, and the colours are splendidly muted. Its sad that I only have one day to grow any more fond. So today was my day to explore Izmir in a jiffy. It’s crazy and sometimes I wonder if I even did justice to this place by visiting for just a day. But I felt that it fit my overall travel plans, so here I am in Izmir. There are 2 main […]

Project 365: Day 218 – Walking on a Turkish seafront

Bursa, turkey, travel, photography
3rd February 2015 – Bursa, Turkey The roads shared a flock of cars, heading further east And hapless folks raced home, to the comforting stuff. By the look of it all, it was clearly an impending emergency. The clouds were ready to give birth. I wasn’t prepared enough. After nearly 8 days in Bursa, I finally left it. Oh, I will miss Isa and Ibrahim. They were awesome guests, totally awesome. I should have left to Istanbul, since I had a flight to Serbia in 2 days. But I simply couldn’t leave without seeing Izmir. So, I took the nilufer bus […]

Project 365: Day 217 – From Bursa to Izmir

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2nd February 2015 – Bursa, Turkey This city had a lot more to show, than one large mosque. I felt like if I left too soon, only that singular image stays. So, a walk was in order, and the straining of my neck too. And I keep finding many of those gems, in hidden alleyways. I was supposed to leave to Izmir today. Went to the bus agency (Nilufer) and tried to buy a ticket, only to be told that the seats were all sold out for today until 5 PM. And if I went in the 5 pm bus, the […]

Project 365: Day 216 – Through the streets of Bursa

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1st February 2015 – Bursa, Turkey When the roar of the city wind demurely hid behind, 2 doors of immense proportions, calligraphed and calling. When a hundred knees hit the floor, followed by foreheads, I stood in silence, with only my loud conscience blaring. The upbeat weather continued today, so I found myself heading back to Bursa. This time, to check out the grand mosque. The Bursa grand mosque, or Ulu Cami in Turkish, is an Ottoman era mosque. It has a total of 20 domes, and I can’t think of any other reason to call it ‘grand’! There are many […]

Project 365: Day 215 – The grand mosque is grand indeed!

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31st January 2015 – Bursa, Turkey The night is falling, and the tea glasses are gathering steam The wind howls on me like I scorned in fret. In the midst of this esoteric part of Turkey, I found a stairway to heaven, in a crowded market. Yeayy, finally we went to Bursa today, after nearly 5 days of staying lazy in Gorukle. We were supposed to go the Grand mosque, but as luck would have it – or rather our hunger pangs would have it – we ended up hanging around the Koza Han. Koza han was formerly a silk market. […]

Project 365: Day 214 – Stairway to heaven

Gorukle, turkey, travel, photography, shisha
30th January 2015 – Gorukle, Turkey It was as if I had run out of reasons to go out. Or maybe I find more reasons to stay in. And add to that, a little shisha, and rings in the air, My time is too precious now. Well, I am still in. Ok, because I am running out of ideas for things to do in Gorukle, I did a little digging around and found Ibrahim’s Shisha. Hoorahh!! I tried to explain to him for a long time, that we can do shisha tonight. And he simply couldn’t understand me. Only when I […]

Project 365: Day 213 – Shisha nights now!