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From the world fair, to the world. - Atomium in Brussels, Belgium
26th March 2015 – Brussels, Belgium Between intermittent downpours of Belgian rain, I checked out a capital. Of the Union, not the country. But more than a hundred pictures I took of ancient markets, Its one that I took of a single cell, which I today fancy. The rain stopped today. And it was a glorious sight. So, I went to Brussels. Annemie, my friend in Leuven, dropped me in her car in Brussels at the early morning hour of 7 am. With a promise to meet me at the MuntPunt at 5. The MuntPunt is a library, which was running an […]

Project 365: Day 268 – The Atomium of Brussels

Rain struck, and I had to be content with their company - Leuven, Belgium
25th March 2015 – Leuven, Belgium After a few weeks, the rain gods came down again They bought with them, a wind of chill and cold. And when mans plans goes awry, and the wrong way, There are always other sights he can wondrously behold. I was supposed to go to Bruge today, but there was a small rain from the morning. I waited till noon to see if it would stop, and I could step out. But it didnt. Rain is not so bad as snow. Check out my experience in a very snowy Istanbul, of all places! After lunch, the rain came […]

Project 365: Day 267 – A rainy day in Leuven

24th March 2015 – Leuven, Belgium In an unexpected city I found, a town hall With gothic windows and niche statues. All was dandy, until the trappist beers arrived. Then history and alcohol entered a happy truce. I never had the plan to visit Leuven. I intended to visit Brussels, Bruge and Gent in Belgium. But how plans change. After my host left for work today, I decided to take a walk around Leuven’s city just to see what the town had to offer, and it stunned me with its architecture. Leuven is a quiet student town, but the buildings can scream for […]

Project 365: Day 266 – Town halls and Trappist beers

diabolo, performer, vienna, austria, travel, photography
17th March 2015 – Vienna, Austria The square had its calling again, but where There were cries of ‘free syria’ a day ago,  There was a street performer. My own choices  Of travelling, keep tossing in the air like that diabolo. Today was actually my last day in Vienna. It was one of the most stupidest decisions on my trip so far, to spend only 3 days here. But I already had polskibus tickets booked to Warsaw. something tells me that I will come back to Vienna in April, because I still have many things to see here.   So, I spent most […]

Project 365: Day 259 – The man with the diabolo

vienna, innere stadt, austria, travel, photography
16th March 2015 – Vienna, Austria The first district called me back into its arms And wide spread alleys. I obliged, ever so kindly. But in a little coffee shop around stephansdom, I found there are bigger travellers around, than me. I went back to the Innere Stadt today, the first district, to spend more time at the old town.   Vienna is easy to commute by feet. Even easier by metro or tram, but I decided to save some money by walking, and get some much needed exercise too. Ju’s place was just a short 20-minute walk anyway.   At innere […]

Project 365: Day 258 – A first district meet-up

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15th March 2015 – Vienna, Austria From Eastern Europe, I venture back into the West Albeit just for a little while. Just to feel the wanderlust. Vienna is another pearl on the Danube. But today, I avoided the buildings to focus on some people I trust.   I took the train in the morning from Bratislava to Vienna, paying 14EUR for an all-day ticket. And to think that I could have hitchhiked this stretch easily, if it wasn’t for the cold weather.   Vienna has several railway stations, but I got down at Hoptbanhof. There are others like Sudbanhof, Norde etc, all […]

Project 365: Day 257 – A little Kurdish love in Vienna

Budapest, hungary, hostel, travel, photography
4th March 2015 – Budapest, Hungary Like a fine line running through the heart of Europe, I took a stride. Long and stretched. From west to east. There are no regrets for now, because I will be back. And not even bothered by a distant airport. Not the least. For the longest time, I thought Paris only had 2 airports : CDG and Orly. Today, I was to find out the 3rd one. Well, technical, Beauvais-Tille airport is not in Paris. It is in Beauvais, about 85 km north of Paris. But Ryanair and other low-cost carriers have been advertising it as […]

Project 365: Day 246 – From west to the east

Paris, france, sacre coeur, travel, photography
3rd March 2015 – Paris, France Its the city of love. And I find love in old friends. Who magically turn up out of nowhere. The world is actually a village. Minuscule at best. And finding old friends in the world, is my best flair. I had a pounding feeling in my heart when I landed in Paris CDG. Again, I was panicking. Here I was, with an Indian passport and no job, entering Europe for the next 3 months. If that is not the recipe for an immigration fiasco, I don’t know what is. Wonder of wonders, the immigration officer quickly scanned my […]

Project 365: Day 245 – Sacred hearts in the city of love

Estacio del norte valencia spain
A three and a half hour train ride from Barcelona, brought me to Valencia. A city fabled with tales and aroma of the Paella, the third-largest city in Spain held a lot of promise for a 2 day visit. Further Reading: Heard about Vigan? A town in Philippines that looks almost Spanish? The first sight of Valencia, if you are visiting by train, itself can open your eyes too wide. The main train station, Estacion del is not only the connection hub for trains from Barcelona and Madrid, but is also a national heritage site. The Spanish cultural departments maintains […]

Images from the land of Paella: Valencia, Spain

singapore eunos metro station 13
This was the first post of an entire year-long series, which I named ‘Project 365′. The idea was simple enough: travel for a full year and document every day of it, in the form of a daily picture and poem. I am still working on a book of this year-long travel, but till then, enjoy all the posts here. You can check out the daily posts in the details below or jump to the final day of the project by clicking here. 1st July 2014 – Singapore From dust we rose and to dust we shall go And dust is […]

Project 365: Day 0 – The beginning

Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon 2
Everybody is doing it. So, I might as well.   To recount a year is difficult, and especially when it is a year like 2013 which was nothing short of momentous. I checked my hard disk to find out that I have travelled to a total of 14 countries this year, and the total pictures in my hard disk totalled up to 32000! So, what better way to recount a year, than to show it in pictures.   January The Thaipusam festival is one of the most bizarre festivals that one can imagine. I have been wanting to check out […]

2013: My year in travel photos