Saudi Arabia

Goodbye camels
Over the years, it has almost become a yearly tradition for me to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan in a Muslim country. I am not a Muslim – hell, I am not even religious –  but hailing from the secular, South-Indian state of Kerala has made me a keen observer of other religions, and perhaps even appreciate them much better. And if I have to learn about the culture and nuances of Islam, what better time to do that then during Ramadan, and in a Muslim country, right?   This quirk of mine has taken me in the past […]

An Eid Morning Drive for Causeways and Camels: Manama, Bahrain

King khaled airport riyadh saudi arabia 8
When I started planning my year-end journey to Egypt in 2013, I came across a really sweet deal from Saudi airways. For a flight from Singapore to Cairo, with a transit at Riyadh, the price was only about 400 Singapore dollars. That’s one of the closest I have ever come to hitting a jackpot! The only catch? I would be stuck in transit in the Riyadh airport for 12 hours, and during the night.   Transiting through the middle-east? Click for top 10 TOTALLY free things to do at Qatar’s Hamad International Airport! A little bit of reading on the web later, I had some […]

12 hours of transit in Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh airport