The step pyramids of Djoser 2
After the giza pyramids and a full day spent in Cairo, I was told by my host that there was a smaller pyramid a little south of Cairo, which was not as touristy as Giza. It was called Dahshour, but I was unsure if we had the time to go all the way. So, instead we decided to go to Saqqara to see some of the oldest pyramids that were ever built in Egypt. And with not too many others heading that way, it would be wonderful to have a less touristy experience, much different from the crowded Giza. Check out […]

Beyond Cairo: Saqqara and Memphis

Having been globe-trotting for the last 6 or 7 years and making like-minded traveller friends everywhere, one line that I have heard most of my friends say, and which I never had a chance to say myself, was: “I missed my flight!”   Despite being a sticky situation to be in, and despite me making fun of them almost immediately when they tell me, there was always a tinge of jealousy somewhere inside me when I hear that line. I mean, when you think of somebody missing their flight, the first impression you have is of someone who has travelled so […]

How I missed a flight in Cairo!

Glorious sunsets at the citadel of Cairo 2
After the visit to the Giza pyramids, I hit the road again with my host in his car. On the way, he stopped at the Ring road-bridge that separated Cairo from Giza, and told me to take a look at the Nile river. I took one look, and I was immediately disappointed. The mighty Nile was just 100 metres or something in width around here. I told this to Husam, my host, and he started laughing. Turns out, that the land I saw on the left, was not the river banks. It was an entire island called Gezirat al Dahab (or golden island), in […]

In Photos: The mosques and churches of Cairo. All in one day.

Tahrir square, Cairo
Note: There are mixed reports of tourist safety in Egypt. I visited Egypt in December 2013, just after the Egyptian revolution, and faced no animosity or problems. But there have been isolated incidents in 2014, where some tourists were affected. So, do your research about the current situation in Egypt before you embark on a visit there. And read up on more than one media source. It’s a beautiful country with beautiful people, so don’t be fooled by one wrong source! ==================================================================================== As I sat in an aisle seat on the Saudi airlines flight from Riyadh to Cairo, I couldn’t help […]

In Photos: Tanks, pyramids and a lonely Sphinx in Cairo, Egypt.