Ljubljanica river in Ljubljana, Slovenia
29th May 2015 – Ljubljana, Slovenia Like the lifeblood of a forgotten empire, The Ljubljanica flows though. Ever so slowly. I flow too. Sometimes lost in a newfound current. I am not a innate traveller. Yet, I try to be. I left the Roxannes in the morning today. I had a bus leaving Ljubljana by 3PM, but since there was no way I could give the keys to Roxanne, I decided to leave with them in the morning, when they went for their work. After spending some time in the local McDonalds, I clicked around the Ljubljanica river in the morning. Before […]

Project 365: Day 332 – In love with Ljubljana

Lake bled in Slovenia
28th May 2015 – Bled, Slovenia Life is not spontaneity or coincidence, I’ve always been told. Its a matter of meticulous planning, and hard work. Maybe true, but not always, as I found out today. That fateful coincidence laughed at me again, and did his smirk. I am a huge fan of couchsurfing, and I have wrote about it multiple times before. But my faith in couchsurfing as a platform that connects humans, was restored once again today, because of 3 wonderful anecdotes with 3 beautiful people. One was a story of humanity, another of spontaneity and another of sheer coincidence. 1) Kashif Last night, me […]

Project 365: Day 331 – 3 stories of couchsurfing. And lake bled.

Hanging shoes in Ljubljana, Slovenia
27th May 2015 – Ljubljana, Slovenia In a street filled with graffiti and some erotic shops, I cranked up my neck to stare at hanging… shoes. What looked like a beautiful sight, soon turned around On the base of the story that it held behind. I couldn’t choose. Ljubljana does have some interesting street art. And exploring it, started with the weird Metelkova. The Metelkova mesto is actually a squat, with numerous clubs all playing their own style of music. And a gathering for all kind of artists, who have converted a former military barrack to a hub of art and graffiti. And […]

Project 365: Day 330 – The hanging shoes of Ljubljana

Ljubljana, Slovenia
26th May 2015 – Ljubljana, Slovenia The wander is still alive. He finds himself Sitting on forlorn benches, and sipping in thoughts. Sometimes we rarely see the bigger picture, Yet we rush in. Eager to join the demure dots. I decided to simply walk through Ljubljana today. And found out it was easier than I thought. Ljubljana is a pretty small city, with an even smaller centre. And everything in the centre is centred around the Ljubljanica river, a small river which might be called stream by some. And the central attraction are the bridges which are located almost every 50 metres […]

Project 365: Day 329 – A wanderer went through the Atom age

This was the first post of an entire year-long series, which I named ‘Project 365′. The idea was simple enough: travel for a full year and document every day of it, in the form of a daily picture and poem. I am still working on a book of this year-long travel, but till then, enjoy all the posts here. You can check out the daily posts in the details below or jump to the final day of the project by clicking here. 1st July 2014 – Singapore From dust we rose and to dust we shall go And dust is […]

Project 365: Day 0 – The beginning