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The old bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and herzegovina
20th May 2015 – Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina The Mostari have left the shores of the Neretva. And so have the armies, and crimes against humanity. All that remains of the turbulent divide from history. Is an old bridge which the ottomans left over the city. I have a thing for bridges. Especially since the sad news going around on how Singapore banned public drinking on the iconic Clarke Quay bridge, where I have many good memories. On this project, I have come across many different types of bridges. The broken bridge of Sigatoka in Fiji, the love bridge of Notre Dame in Paris, […]

Project 365: Day 323 – The old bridge of Mostar

Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina
19th May 2015 – Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina The bridge unites. And the bridge divides. But nobody is fighting for their own piece. War has left these riverbanks for now, and There is an uneasy peace. But its still peace. I took a bus in the morning from Dubrovnik. This time, headed towards one of the newest and most exciting countries in the Balkans. Bosnia and Herzegovina. So exciting, that it takes me 4 seconds just to type its name. BIH (lets call it that, to make it easier for me) has one of the most complex political structures. The country consists […]

Project 365: Day 322 – Bosnia? Or Herzegovina?

Old town in Dubrovnik, Croatia
18th May 2015 – Dubrovnik, Croatia Time is a luxury right now, but an even more Indulgent one I found, in my own passport. Well, lets not even talk about the money. Thats secondary. I have bigger problems to sort. Gone are the days when I would stay 10 days in Bursa or 3 weeks in Unawatuna. My EU visa is running out, and my money is running out. And more importantly, my time is running out. So, I am on the move. And very fast nowadays. After spending just 2 days in Kotor, my destination was Mostar in Bosnia and Hercegovina. […]

Project 365: Day 321 – In King’s landing for a day

Town walls of Kotor, Montenegro
17th May 2015 – Kotor, Montenegro Climbing has never been one of my favourable sports. Forget sport. It has never even been an activity. But I am reckless. I try. I always do, rather stupidly. Only to give up and head down. Oh, the pity! I woke up early in the morning today, to do something I hate. Climb. The upper town walls of Kotor stretch for nearly 4.5 km, and are a steep, vertical climb. Someone told me that the climb was worth it, for the view from the top. Well, there is a difference between what you see with you […]

Project 365: Day 320 – The great wall of Kotor

Kotor montenegro street photography
16th May 2015 – Kotor, Montenegro Well, this is no Monaco, despite the sights Of the cruises and yachts that crown the port. But there is more life here. More character. I could choose this any day over Monaco. In short. I left last night for Montenegro, after giving my goodbye to Kosovo. But there was a little glitch which I wasn’t prepared for. So, the bus company in Pristina sold me tickets to Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. There was nothing much in Podgorica, and I wanted to get to Kotor. For which they replied that I reach Podgorica around 5 AM in […]

Project 365: Day 319 – Street photography in Kotor

Amusement park in Pristina, Kosovo
15th May 2015 – Pristina, Kosovo Who’s right? And who stands wrong? It depends on which window you are peering from. I have no intention to hurt anybody, nor any nation. But happiness is the goal. It should be our total sum. After I wrote the last 2 days about Kosovo, I got some messages from a couple of Serbian friends. They were offended that I was calling this a country, since Serbia still doesn’t recognise Kosovo as a separate country. And how could I, when even India doesn’t officially recognise Kosovo? I dont blame them. Kosovo has been a stage of […]

Project 365: Day 318 – For a brighter future. For Kosovo.

Bill Clinton statue in Pristina, Kosovo
14th May 2015 – Pristina, Kosovo I went to see Nene Tereza, but ended up With an overdose of good old American ways. On one end of the cathedral, lay George Bush, And the other, Bill Clinton. Heaps of praise. I took a walk through the length and breadth of Pristina today. And it reminded me so much of Tirana. Albanian can be heard everywhere, and there is no mistaking the vibe of the city. Cafes sprung up in every nook and corner, serving some of the best Makiatos in the Balkans. It was an islamic country alright, but the hue of islam here is not […]

Project 365: Day 317 – Kosovo and the American connection

Newborn monument in Pristina, Kosovo.
13th May 2015 – Pristina, Kosovo In a newborn country, I find myself today. So new, that youth oozes from its every pore. And a monument to herald it, stands proud. Carrying with it a story. The stuff of lore. I left Belgrade today morning for a new destination. I was about to type country, but then I am unsure about representing it. (Note: Calling Kosovo a country is only to make documentation easier on my blog. I am not endorsing the right of Kosovo as an independent nation, and neither am I against it. I do not take any sides. I […]

Project 365: Day 316 – In a newborn country

Levitation photography in Belgrade, Serbia
12th May 2015 – Belgrade, Serbia Under the watchful eyes of the world’s best graffiti, And the simmering heat of the mid-may sun, We found that jump shots are so cliche. So banal. So, we added some levitation to them. Damn, that was fun! Me and Bertille decided to walk around Belgrade and sample the graffiti today. Bertille was doing her thesis on impact of graffiti and art in Serbia. And I was just curious. Generally. And somewhere along the way, we also met Masa. I was supposed to do a yoga shoot with Masa, but due to a bicycle accident that she had, […]

Project 365: Day 315 – Levitations, graffiti, and Belgrade

The confluence of Sava and Danube in Belgrade, Serbia.
11th May 2015 – Belgrade, Serbia At the confluence of the Sava and the Danube, Lies a city that has captured more than my heart. And with a petite French girl, I walked around The confluence. Blending is indeed nature’s own art. I met up with Bertille today. The same Bertille with whom I had a lazy walk around the Danube in Novi Sad, a few months before. Only difference was, we decided to walk through Belgrade, instead of Novi Sad today. Beginning from the Savamala region, the plan was to walk along the Sava river, and then along the Danube river, and […]

Project 365: Day 314 – Where the Sava meets the Danube

Kalemagdan fortress in Belgrade, Serbia
10th May 2015 – Belgrade, Serbia I may not be home, but there are some places Around the world, that make me feel so. I would have never imagined Belgrade in that list. But my second time here, and now I surely know. Serbia has been one of the most memorable countries for me on this trip. And somehow, coming back here feels like being home again. So, I found a rather cheap apartment for 3 days, paying only 30 EUR for 3 nights, but slightly out of the city centre. Ok, not slightly. Brace Jerkovich is 8 km out of the […]

Project 365: Day 313 – Back in Beautiful Belgrade

Ohrid lake in Macedonia
9th May 2015 – Ohrid, Macedonia Like the flock, the people have to keep moving too. In water, on land, or through air. To the next nest. I have no flock, I dont even have a following shadow. But like the flock, I move too. Thats what I do best. I took the advice of my hosts, who said Ohrid was much more beautiful than Skopje. And if I had already been to Istanbul, the Ottaman architecture in Skopje would not be very interesting. So, I decided to take a bus to one of my favourite locations so far: Belgrade. But that […]

Project 365: Day 312 – Like a bevy of Swans

Sunset at ohrid lake macedonia
8th May 2015 – Ohrid, Macedonia The sun went down in an expansive lake That straddled the borders of 2 balkan countries. The views screamed UNESCO from every angle, But the twilight had my nerves tingling in the breeze. In Ohrid, I am staying with Anita and her boyfriend. If you follow my blog, it was the same Anita that I ran into in Istanbul earlier this year. They lived in Skopje, but had an apartment in Ohrid which I crashed on this trip. Ohrid is not large, and can be easily walked around on foot. So, we started walking – finally, in our shorts […]

Project 365: Day 311 – Sunsets at Ohrid’s lake

Pyramida of Tirana, Albania
7th May 2015 – Tirana, Albania I finally got around to visiting Tirana’s prized possession. One that was built in glory, and then crumbled to ruin. People come and go, and so do short-lived governments. But all that remains of their rule, is their own doing. This morning saw me waking up early, to go to Tirana’s bus station and buy a ticket for my onward journey. Took a slightly different path on my way, intent on passing by one structure which everybody in Albania tells me to see. The Deshmore e Kombit, or the International centre of culture, was built in 1987 […]

Project 365: Day 310 – Albania has a pyramid too!

Tirana park on the artificial lake, in albania 4
6th May 2015 – Tirana, Albania Little rabbit. Tricks are for kids. And so are the mosques and clock towers. You must play with more artificial lakes To be counted among Balkan’s powers. I played the typical tourist today, trotting through Tirana. Hows that to begin a post with alliteration? I was staying in Tirana’s trendy Blloku area, which is pretty much the centre of the whole town. So, I took a walk to the clock tower, and the Ethem Bey Mosque, but found nothing new considering that I have seen grander clock towers in Warsaw, and grander mosques in Istanbul. But […]

Project 365: Day 309 – Swinging by an artificial lake

Luna park in Tirana, Albania
5th May 2015 – Tirana, Albania The greek legends are fine and dandy, But restlessness creeps into me, like fine liquor. I have little time left on my Europe visa, So, I am off again. Into the Balkans. Much quicker. Last night, I took a bus from Athens to Tirana. What awaited me was a 14 hour long bus drive. Well, the distance was manageable, if only I could sleep through it. But I kept getting woken up by toilet breaks, dinner breaks, supper breaks and breakfast breaks. And then the border crossing at Kakavia, where I had my first Shengen area […]

Project 365: Day 308 – I am in Tirana. Balkans, baby!

parthenon, acropolis, athens, greece, travel, photography, travel photography
4th May 2015 – Athens, Greece We’ve placed our faith in iron railings And in huge construction cranes that loom above. Even history hangs in the frame here. And to see it through the reconstruction, I strove. There was one last thing that I had to see in Athens, before I went north to the other Balkans. The Acropolis is a staple tourist attraction, but when in Greece, do what the tourists do! So, I followed the horde and walked towards the most important surviving building of Classical Greece. The entrance was 12 EUR, which would have normally turned me back. But […]

Project 365: Day 307 – Conquering the Parthenon and Acropolis

Temple of Zeus in Athens Greece
3rd May 2015 – Athens, Greece Zeus had his thunderbolt, and the trusted armour, Aegis. And Poseidon obliterated stuff with his trident. While some of us mortals merely have a camera And the human art of balance, to be content. I had the craziest adventure last night, when I reached Athens. It was tough already, given that I landed at 10.30. What didn’t make it easier was that I had to make a Skype call as soon as I landed. I knew this was killing valuable time, but some things – and people – don’t wait. After the call, I rushed to the metro to catch […]

Project 365: Day 306 – Zeus temple. Sleek cameras.

Warsaw, poland, graffiti, blu, travel, photography
2nd May 2015 – Warsaw, Poland The high-rises are boring even without the communism. So, lets splash some colour and some activism. And after that, lets ride away to a distant airfield. And put on those dancing shoes, for a mediterranean rhythm. I have had the pleasure of meeting a few interesting artists on this trip so far. Or actually, meeting their works! While Cerny piqued my interest for Prague, the Warsaw scene was made a lot more brighter by a lesser-known Italian graffiti artist. Blu is the pseudonym of this graffiti artist without a face, very similar to the famous Banksy. But unlike Bansky, […]

Project 365: Day 305 – A graffiti artist called Blu

warsaw, tomb, unknown soldier, poland, travel, photography
1st May 2015 – Warsaw, Poland   On a labour day, I find not inclined to the labourer. I find myself cheering away the changing of a guard. Warsaw has cobblestone streets and paved roads, And they make one hell of a sight when stomped hard. The day had a bright red and white tinge to it. Most importantly because of all the Polish flags that were flying around Warsaw. There were 2 reasons why there were so many flags, and why the presidential palace had a live rendering of traditional songs. One was the Polish flag day, which was on the 3rd […]

Project 365: Day 304 – The tomb of the unknown soldier

national stadium, warsaw, poland, travel, photography
30th April 2015 – Warsaw, Poland So, what if there is no ocean around it? Warsaw still serves you the beach, albeit faked. There was soft sand, and the rhythm of the water. Only thing: Not enough warmth, for which I ached. I made up for all the laziness yesterday, by having a full-fledged day today. What started from 9 in the morning, working on my blog at Starbucks, stretched into an evening playing laser tag with some couch surfers at the W5 arena at Wavelska. Funny, because there was just 3 of us and a giant, big-ass laser tag field for […]

Project 365: Day 303 – There is a beach in Warsaw?

Warsaw, Poland, royal castle, travel, photography
29th April 2015 – Warsaw, Poland A familiar castle, I walked into again. Or wait. I couldn’t walk in. I just watched From outside, a sight I couldn’t explore before. Both sides of the twilight, the view is unmatched. Well, today was another lazy day. I need such days once in a while, definitely. So, I stayed in. Almost the whole day. Enjoying the comfort of Beata’s couch, and the contents of her fridge. A day well-spent, I must say. After twilight, I finally managed to step out a little bit. Towards the Nowy Swiat area, or the old town of Warsaw. […]

Project 365: Day 302 – Lazy days. Castle nights.

Vistula river in Warsaw, Poland
28th April 2015 – Warsaw, Poland   The baltics were a distant memory, fading by the mile. I was on my way now, headed to familiar sights. Past the bridge on the vistula, I headed straight For my couch. Fun will have to turn up on other nights. I celebrated my 300 days, with a really long bus-ride today. I left Tallinn in the early hours of 6 AM, on a lux express bus headed to Vilnius. After passing Riga, Vilnius came into sight around 2 pm. And from there, I caught another bus, this time to Warsaw. I was going back […]

Project 365: Day 301 – Back to the Vistula shores

Tallin, kohtuotsa, estonia, travel, photography
27th April 2015 – Tallinn, Estonia Estonia will always have a special place in my heart. The long lunches at lido, and the long night. Spent trying to learn Salsa, and much more. But mostly, because the 300th day shines here, very bright! It has been 300 days! No, I pinched myself. It really has been! Here is a little confession. When I started this trip, I frankly thought that I would last for about 50 days, and then get bored of the whole thing, and move on to something else. That’s how I have always been. I start something awesomely creative, and […]

Project 365: Day 300 – 300 days on the road!!