Ohrid lake in Macedonia
9th May 2015 – Ohrid, Macedonia Like the flock, the people have to keep moving too. In water, on land, or through air. To the next nest. I have no flock, I dont even have a following shadow. But like the flock, I move too. Thats what I do best. I took the advice of my hosts, who said Ohrid was much more beautiful than Skopje. And if I had already been to Istanbul, the Ottaman architecture in Skopje would not be very interesting. So, I decided to take a bus to one of my favourite locations so far: Belgrade. But that […]

Project 365: Day 312 – Like a bevy of Swans

Sunset at ohrid lake macedonia
8th May 2015 – Ohrid, Macedonia The sun went down in an expansive lake That straddled the borders of 2 balkan countries. The views screamed UNESCO from every angle, But the twilight had my nerves tingling in the breeze. In Ohrid, I am staying with Anita and her boyfriend. If you follow my blog, it was the same Anita that I ran into in Istanbul earlier this year. They lived in Skopje, but had an apartment in Ohrid which I crashed on this trip. Ohrid is not large, and can be easily walked around on foot. So, we started walking – finally, in our shorts […]

Project 365: Day 311 – Sunsets at Ohrid’s lake

This was the first post of an entire year-long series, which I named ‘Project 365′. The idea was simple enough: travel for a full year and document every day of it, in the form of a daily picture and poem. I am still working on a book of this year-long travel, but till then, enjoy all the posts here. You can check out the daily posts in the details below or jump to the final day of the project by clicking here. 1st July 2014 – Singapore From dust we rose and to dust we shall go And dust is […]

Project 365: Day 0 – The beginning