Keleti train station in Budapest, Hungary
2nd June 2015 – Budapest, Hungary The most eastern end of the Budapest railway, shone bright In the early sun rays, like a morning-eyed kitten. Thanks to old friends and new benefactors, The wanderlust still rages. I am ever so smitten. I should have have been on a flight to Dubai today, as per my original plan and budget when I first landed in Europe 3 months ago. But then, I had a masterstroke to try crowdfunding. To see if any of my friends hated me enough to keep me travelling longer and delay seeing my ugly face for a little longer. So, I created […]

Project 365: Day 336 – By rail through Romania

St Stephens basilica in Budapest, Hungary
1st June 2015 – Budapest, Hungary 11 months had passed. Or rather, flowed quietly like the Danube. I pinched myself, and watched the sun burn my skin. Under the shade of a fountain next to a basilica, I found recluse, and made peace with my evil twin. It has been 11 months! People say you look back at the end of a long travel, and remember all the great places that you have seen. And those images float through your head. Well, people are wrong. I don’t recall much of the places that I have seen, amazing as they may be. But I do […]

Project 365: Day 335 – Last month! Lets toast to that!

Fisherman's bastion in Budapest, Hungary
31st May 2015 – Budapest, Hungary The bastion needed to be visited again. If not for the views from atop, for the seven towers. The view was magnificent, one I failed to click last time, And here I stood, soaking myself in the golden noon hours. The last time I was in Hungary, I had visited the castle hill and the fisherman’s bastion. But like most stupid tourists, I had decided to click the view of the city from the top, rather than the Bastion itself. I was back in this beautiful city, and I had to change it. So, I went to […]

Project 365: Day 334 – The fisherman’s bastion of Budapest

Budapest Eye in Budapest, Hungary
30th May 2015 – Budapest, Hungary The first Nelson was in my own home turf In the national capital, saluting a war memorial. The second, in the Kalemagdan, that giant fortress. And the third, for the Budapest eye, is almost an advertorial. I have never really enjoyed watching cricket, although I have enjoyed taking pictures of it in the streets of Kolkata and the beaches of Mirissa, Sri Lanka. But being an Indian, I grew up with cricketing terms around me. And one of those was the Nelson. In tribute to Horatio Nelson (who is said to have lost 1 arm, 1 eye and 1 etcetera), […]

Project 365: Day 333 – Triple Nelson near the Budapest eye

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11th March 2015 – Budapest, Hungary Budapest has fascinated all my dormant senses, Numbed after the overindulgence of them in Turkey. I said my solemn goodbye on a castle and a hill. But for now, Bratislava is the next place to be. My last day in Budapest, and I finally got to the castle hill. Declared a world heritage site, the castle hill is a sprawling area containing many landmarks, most important of which is the castle itself. The castle is not just a singular building. It consists of numerous museums (Budapest history museum), libraries (Hungarian national library and National Szechenyi library) and numerous monuments […]

Project 365: Day 253 – Budapest from a fisherman’s view

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10th March 2015 – Budapest, Hungary There are facts and figures. Then there are figurines And relics, kept away in a basilica that adorns a skyline. It may only be the third largest church in the country, But the basilica holds a secret record, and its just too fine. Today was a day to explore more of the city centre of Budapest, after a couple of days near the Danube. Almost at the heart of Budapest, is the St. Stephen’s Basilica, or Szent Istvan Bazilika in Hungarian. Named after Stephen, the first king of Hungary, and his famous ‘righteous’ right-hand is still […]

Project 365: Day 252 – A stroll in a basilica

9th March 2015 – Budapest, Hungary Much blood has flown over the Danube, from the west To the east of this mighty continent. Like a bad nightmare. And much tears are shed still too, but nothing more  than seeing a stuffed toy-egg, in a toddler’s footwear. I took another long walk along the Danube river today, crossing almost 4 different bridges. And 300 meters south of the Hungarian Parliament, is a monument that I have been wanting to explore for a while. The ‘Shoes on the Danube bank’, is a project by Hungarian filmmaker Can Togay and sculptor Gyula Pauer. The monument […]

Project 365: Day 251 – The smallest coffins…

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8th March 2015 – Budapest, Hungary I hate my teeth. And I hate dentists. They rip me up. Not just literally. Even figuratively. Especially in this tourist pit. But the day gets better as we celebrate the better gender. No, not male. I am talking of the one with poise and grit. I stayed more than a week in Budapest for a dentist job. One of the centres of Dental tourism in Europe, its sadly also one of the places to get ripped off by a Dentist. So, I had a phase one of a root canal a few months ago. I should […]

Project 365: Day 250 – Celebrating the finer Gender

st gerard, gellert hill, budapest, hungary, travel, photography
7th March 2015 – Budapest, Hungary From one hill to another, we move along, seamlessly. While giant museums and galleries adorn one hill, Its forgotten souls and there statues that embellish the other. It’s a giant walk, I am told. But hell, I am all set for the kill. Yesterday I had walked until the Verkert Bazar. If I had walked a little more, I would have seen the other hill that adorns Budapest. While the castle hill is definitely the star attraction of Budapest – complete with the national museum, gallery, and church – there is another hill on the west […]

Project 365: Day 249 – The other hill in Budapest

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6th March 2015 – Budapest, Hungary The Danube divides a city of historic proportions so finely. While one side thrives with the lustful and gluttonous sins, Its the other side that casts a fresh perspective on the river. All through a couple of statues holding sickles and pigeons. Budapest is a lot similar to Istanbul. While the Bosphorus divides Istanbul into Asia and Europe, the Danube divides Budapest into, well, Buda and Pest. I am staying in a hostel on the Pest side, so today I crossed one of the many bridges on the Danube, and walked around on the Buda side. […]

Project 365: Day 248 – From Pest to Buda

Budapest, hungary, parliament, travel, photography
5th March 2015 – Budapest, Hungary In a large square, housing the Orsaghaz and a plethora Of statues of mighty stalwarts, I was more than humbled. But it was not the mighty gothic facades and domes That had me amazed. It was something of a much smaller build. I went out to see the Hungarian parliament building today. I didn’t even go inside, but my whole day went in seeing the parliament and surroundings. The Orsaghaz, or the parliament building, is one of the prime tourist attractions of Hungary. But what makes it more amazing is the Kossuth Lajos Square, where it is […]

Project 365: Day 247 – The parliament. Even for the blind.

Budapest, hungary, hostel, travel, photography
4th March 2015 – Budapest, Hungary Like a fine line running through the heart of Europe, I took a stride. Long and stretched. From west to east. There are no regrets for now, because I will be back. And not even bothered by a distant airport. Not the least. For the longest time, I thought Paris only had 2 airports : CDG and Orly. Today, I was to find out the 3rd one. Well, technical, Beauvais-Tille airport is not in Paris. It is in Beauvais, about 85 km north of Paris. But Ryanair and other low-cost carriers have been advertising it as […]

Project 365: Day 246 – From west to the east

This was the first post of an entire year-long series, which I named ‘Project 365′. The idea was simple enough: travel for a full year and document every day of it, in the form of a daily picture and poem. I am still working on a book of this year-long travel, but till then, enjoy all the posts here. You can check out the daily posts in the details below or jump to the final day of the project by clicking here. 1st July 2014 – Singapore From dust we rose and to dust we shall go And dust is […]

Project 365: Day 0 – The beginning