Caucasus Countries

Caucasus countries

Baku pink taxi
After landing in Baku’s Heydar Aliyev International Airport (Thank you Azerbaijan for introducing the Evisa!), I headed to my hotel.   Usually, I am all about budget travelling and accommodation. But since I had left Dubai with a heavy flu, I wanted to stay in a nice hotel which allowed me to rest for the first couple of days. So, I ended up staying at the Baku Palace hotel.   No, no. The ‘Palace’ is only in the name, as it was a mid-range hotel and frequented mostly by Arab tourists who came to Azerbaijan to fulfil certain vices. It […]

Icheri Seher: Photos and Legends from Baku’s Old City

baku azerbaijan 2
Ever so quietly – like it does everything else – even Azerbaijan started offering Electronic visas for Indian passport holders. Further Reading: Azerbaijan is not the only one. There are more than 20 countries in this list, that offer electronic visas to Indian citizens.   I mean, it was expected. Georgia and Armenia, 2 countries bordering Azerbaijan in the Caucasus region, were already providing e-visas to Indians. So it didn’t make sense for Azerbaijan to miss out on the tourist revenues. Especially given the fact that Azerbaijan was really close to the middle-east, where most of the Indians were the […]

Electronic Visa for Indians in Azerbaijan: My Experience