The calm in the crowd : A yoga photo series

When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.

– Peace pilgrim


One essential part of being an Indian traveller, is meeting the people outside India who expect many Indians to be spiritual. I’ve faced this problem before in Romania and other parts of Eastern Europe, and every time I end up disappointing people because I am not the typical spiritual type that they associate with India.
And key to that expectation, is yoga. I love to watch yoga. But I have always been lazy to try it myself. And in fact, I have never tried yoga. But a good percentage of people I meet outside, tend to ask me about my experience in yoga, and I have been forced to stare at the wall.
But I did love clicking yoga. It has always been an interesting phenomenon for me to watch – and click – people who are almost frozen in time in positions normal humans are scared of, and still looking calm. So, I decided to stretch this picture to a different frame. Can they achieve the same calm, if they are in a crowd?
Hence, ‘the calm in the crowd’ photo series.
This project attempts to capture pictures of yoga practitioners, practising yoga against the backdrop of non-conventional yoga places. Or in other words, places with a little crowd. And through these photographs, I am on a search to find out if they can achieve the same sense of calm in such situations.
These people are calm even in a crowd.
  1. Summer Dien – Singapore
Calm in the crowd Singapore

In a crowded food court somewhere in Singapore, she still found calmness.

If you would like to join this project by letting me take a picture of you performing yoga in a non-conventional space, write to me here, on Facebook or on twitter. I cannot guarantee if I am in your city now, or if I will ever visit your city. But maybe we can talk and agree on a place and time for a shoot.



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