Been there, Learnt that! Hall of Fame!

‘Been there, learnt that!’. These are a series of quizzes, and the rules are pretty simple. Click here: for all the quizzes so far in this series!

1) The quizzes consist of very simple questions about fun facts I picked up in my travels. Ok, not so simple but I will try to give hints whenever I can. Mostly, there is just one question, but if I have the time I will put in more. Generally, you should be able to find the answers by searching the blog too. Google search is allowed.

2) Reply in the comments section with your answers. The comments will be moderated when the scores are calculated.

3) A day after the quiz is released, I will release the answers and scores. This might take slightly longer if I am travelling.

Click here for all the quizzes so far.


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Happy Quizzing, everybody! And happy travelling too!



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