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Hello there. My name is Abhi. And I am not home!

Picture this for an introduction: Growing up in India, and then in a middle-eastern country called Oman, I was never in the right mindset for my 3 biggest passions: travelling, photography and blogging. Even in my own country, I never travelled beyond the southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would end up visiting nearly 100 countries, and ride the length and breadth of India on a motorcycle alone, I would laughed at their face.

But when your first foreign country is as beautiful as the Philippines, how can someone not be hooked to travel?! And somewhere along the road, I got myself a camera. Turns out, I was camera-shy all throughout my life for a reason. And the reason was that it was always intended for me to be BEHIND THE CAMERA!

Budapest, Hungary

Trying to act like a serious photographer at Budapest, Hungary.

So, since then – circa 2009 I think – I have been travelling. What started out exploring the beautiful islands of Philippines, took me to the rest of South East Asia. And then, other parts of Asia, middle-east, Europe, and Africa. I love checking out unexplored countries of the world, more than the touristy fare. These include offbeat locations like Brunei, Timor Leste, Vanuatu and Bhutan. And even backpacking the Maldives!

kava in port vila, vanuatu

Drinking kava with the local lads in Vanuatu. Don’t try more than 3 cups!

Mirror maze in Prague.

I like to get lost in a maze of mirrors. Like this one in Prague.


Well, its never easy. I am not ‘supported’ in any way. So, I do what the ants do.

I save, then travel, and this cycle repeats forever. And I have to follow a very budget-oriented travel plan, by using resources like couchsurfing, hitchhiking etc. But regardless  of this, I have met, and keep meeting, some awesome travel companions on the way.

To make things more fun, I am an Indian. (And proud of it!) My passport is relatively low on travel freedom, so I am all the more determined to travel the globe with this passport and prove that a passport is not a deterrent if you are hell-bent on travelling.

Petra, Jordan

Finding my way through Al Siq in Petra, Jordan

I rode a motorcycle from the south of India, to Nepal and Bhutan, covering 12000 KM in 3 months. Read about it here!

Mt. Victoria in Wellington, New Zealand

Posing from the peak of Mt. Victoria, in Wellington, New Zealand.

Istanbul mosque

Exploring Istanbul and its numerous mosques.

Jeju South Korea

Sometimes, it is a lonely road – At Jeju, South Korea

Well. It can be a tad too boring when I am on the road, so if you are anywhere close to me, JOIN ME!!

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