Fire and Ice! Hotel Review of Novotel Phuket Surin

I had written about my experience plunge-pooling away in a cozy suite in the Novotel property in Karon, Phuket. But there was one more Novotel property which I got to check out immediately after Karon.


Say hello to Novotel Surin Beach Resort!

A warm welcome home.

From Novotel Karon, I was picked up by a chauffeur and taken to Novotel Surin. I had assumed that this would be a short drive, and had not checked up google maps earlier (yeah, I tend to be infamously careless on trips where I am chauffeured around). Turns out, Karon and Surin beaches were 20 KM apart, with Surin being located in the west-center of Phuket. But thankfully, the road infrastructure in Phuket has improved marvellously over the years, and this 20KM drive took me only 30 minutes to cover.

Novotel Surin Beach resort

And that was the entrance to the Novotel Surin Beach Resort


Novotel Surin was located right in front of the Surin beach, and I was welcomed at the reception by the friendly Thai manager. After pleasantries – and me imposing my little vocabulary of Thai language onto him – I was guided to my room.


Novotel Surin may be one of the best Family Resort in Phuket, but I was not here on a family trip. I had travelled solo, and was wondering if Novotel had given me a family room for my stay. Turns out, they actually gave me a full-fledged suit! The room was massive, and I was greeted with a tray of chocolates, some coconuts and fruits.


And then, my eyes rested on the other entry-point – the glass door which opened out into a small garden, and beyond it, the swimming pool. So, apparently, this was a poolside room! Oh my, this is going to be a rather interesting few days!

Novotel surin room

The room, which opened out towards the swimming pool area.

welcome to novotel surin

And I was instantly made to feel like home.

Life on the Poolside

Within minutes of checking into my room, I had devoured the coconuts, fruits and the chocolates. Blame it on a tiresome morning. And then, I did what I do best – I set up my laptop on my small and pretty sundeck, and worked for the next few hours.

novotel surin poolside room

Not a bad place to catch up on some work, eh?


Once the laptop fatigue started to set in, I didn’t have to look around much for what to do. The pool was less than 10 steps where I sat!


Unlike Novotel Karon, the Novotel property in Surin had only one swimming pool. (Karon had 3). But to compensate for that, this was one massive pool! Given the massive size of it (and the fact that it was lunch time), I had no difficulty finding an empty corner of the pool. You can tell I am not a family traveller for the simple reason that I sat far away from the children’s waterslide.

pathway to swimming pool

The pathway leading to the swimming pool

novotel surin waterslide

There was a giant waterslide for the kids. I was tempted to try it, but held back my inner child.

petanque court novotel surin

Interesting, there was a petanque court on the side of the swimming pool too.


The water was too irresistible, so I jumped in for a while. After drying up, I visited the InBalance spa and fitness center. The gym was decent with an assortment of weights and machines. I had a quick 1 hour workout, and then checked out the spa.


I had made a reservation for the spa session, and was greeted by the massage therapist. A lithe and slender woman, who I would have never imagined to handle my rather-huge body frame with remarkable ease. I selected the oil and then told the therapist that she could go as hard as I want. She twisted my arms and almost turned my torso the other way around. But she knew what she was doing. I was in pain first, but then it slowly became pleasurable.


Actually, I slept off during the last 10 minutes. It was THAT good!

novotel surin inbalance spa

Spa alert. Pure bliss to follow.

The Wining and dining

Novotel Surin had a nice selection of bars and restaurants, and I think there were about 4 or 5 of them.


The breakfast buffet was an amazing spread, and I almost gave up my intermittent fasting schedule! It was so tempting, but this trip happened during a phase when my first meal of the day was only at 2 PM. Oh, the things I do to stay fit!


In the evening, I had a drink at the Champions bar, and then hung out at the pool table. This was a trendy sports bar, and it would have been a smash hit if it was located in a trendy club area of Phuket. Various games played on the TV screens simultaneously, but I kept myself engrossed with the pool table. I could have also walked over to the Tai Sushi bar, but I kept that for dinner.

Novotel Surin champions sports bar

The Champions sports bar in Novotel Surin

Tai sushi bar novotel

And the Tai Sushi bar was pretty laid back too.

Finishing off with some Fire and Ice.

I had already tried Novotel’s Fire and Ice menu at Novotel Karon, and I expected it to be the same in the Surin property too. But, to my surprise, it turned out to be completely different.


None of the dishes were the same as Karon, as I would find out after being seated at the Tai restaurant. My entree was a Molotov Sushi which – true to its name – was literally on fire. This was followed by a Ciabatta flame burger for the main course, and a chocolate fondue for dessert. I washed them down with a Caipirinha and a Spanish Coffee.


All of it was beyond delectable.

Molotov sushi fire and ice

The Molotov Sushi was literally on fire.

fire and ice novotel

And the chocolate fondue made for an amazing end to this amazing stay.


Important Disclaimer: This post was a collaboration with Novotel Group of hotels, Thailand. But the opinions are entirely my own, and I was in no way pressurised to write ‘good stuff’. I highly recommend this hotel for families. If you are looking for a family trip to Phuket, you may also consider the Phuket Family Resort Promotion.


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