Plunge-pooling away! Hotel Review of Novotel Phuket karon

In August, I took yet another 3-week Thailand trip, this time through Phuket and Bangkok. Yeah, I know. I just cant seem to stop visiting Thailand!


But during the trip, Novotel threw me an offer to check out a couple of properties in Phuket. And the first one was a couple of days in a plunge-pool suite in Novotel Phuket Karon Beach resort and spa.


When I read the invite, I was a little puzzled. I had tried plunge-pool spas in Helsinki, Finland. But the idea of a room with one’s own plunge-pool was foreign, atleast to the backpackerish me.


So, I took the plunge, pun unintended. And accepted the offer.

Novotel phuket karon entrance

And this was where I would be spending the next couple of days. Sweet, right?

Being Welcomed into Novotel Phuket Karon

I was picked up from the Phuket International airport by the Limousine that Novotel sent me. It had been a long, dogged 12 hours for me to get to Phuket from Kochi, with a transit in Kuala Lumpur along the way. But the tiredness was drained when I entered the cab. After those 12 hours, I think there is no better sight than seeing a hot towel and a fresh Bagel waiting for me. Hot towels, and fresh bagels. Trust me, that’s what makes the world go round.

novotel phuket karon limousine

The sweetest driver I had, who not only woke me up from my slumber with the towels, but also regaled me with conversation for the entire ride.

novotel phuket karon reception

And the reception area at Novotel phuket karon strikes me as straight out of a sci-fi movie.


The ride from the airport to the hotel took about an hour, but the before-mentioned bagels and towels got me through them, along with the excellent highways in Phuket.

At the hotel reception, I was greeted by the friendly Azerbaijani hotel manager (we had a nice little conversation about Azerbaijan, especially Baku and Sheki, where I was before coming to Thailand. He was genuinely surprised to know that I had visited Azerbaijan!), who welcomed me to Novotel Phuket Karon. He gave me a quick drift about the hotel, where the pool and gym (the biggest priority for me during any hotel stays) was, along with the Spa and Dinner options. And then a hotel boy ushered me to what would be my home for the next couple of days.


And I finally laid eyes on what a plunge-pool suite was. It was a large suite which opened out towards a small swimming pool for me to ‘plunge’ into. Oh why, oh why did I come here alone? This was a perfect place for a date-trip! But nevertheless, it was one of the most amazing sights that welcomed me into my suite. On one side was the soft bed which neatly laid out the word ‘welcome’ with flower petals on it. And on the other side – once I parted the curtain – was an ethereal, small plunge pool.


I have never been more confused in my life if I should rest or jump into that glorious body of water! Eventually, the pool won.

novotel phuket karon grounds

Walking through the grounds of the novotel phuket karon

novotel phuket karon bedroom

I am the dork who came alone to sleep on this gorgeous-looking bed.

novotel phuket karon plunge pool suit

And the bedroom opened out into my own little swimming pool. Sweet!

novotel phuket karon swimming

And this is how I spent most of my time. Photo taken by a cleaning maid, who probably took pity that i was travelling solo.

How I spent my time at the Hotel

After the short swim (by short, let it be on record that I stayed about 3 hours in the plunge pool reading a book!), I decided to hit the gym. The inbalance fitness center was on the first floor, and was decent. But the best part was that it came with a view of the swimming pool. Needless to say, I worked out for about 30 minutes, and then hit the pool for the next 60. My priorities are quite weird!


As you can tell, Novotel karon is a pool-lovers paradise. Not only were there 3 different swimming pools, one of them was specifically designed for kids and even housed a complete waterslide, which made this one of the best family resorts in Phuket. There were also periodic events happening on the pool specifically designed for the kids, like organized water volleyball games, and zorbing. And for the adults, there was the ‘Joe Kool’s’ restaurant, located just by the side of the main swimming pool.

inbalance fitness novotel karon

My morning jog was pretty delightful, thanks to the view.

joe kools restaurant novotel karon

And this was the Joe Kool’s restaurant near the poolside.

inbalance spa novotel karon

The interior of the inbalance spa in Novotel karon

I had already made a reservation in the evening at the inbalance spa for a 1-hour massage, and that was the only thing which got me out of the pool. Otherwise, I would stayed the whole day at the pool itself!

Dining with Fire and Ice

Apart from the pool and the spa, I also did manage to take some time to check out the restaurants in Novotel Phuket Karon. I was trying out an Intermittent fasting schedule at that time, so it was a pity that I had to forego the amazing breakfast spread in the morning at Horizon restaurant.


But I compensated for that by taking up the Fire and Ice dining menu at the Tai Restaurant. I had no idea what to expect out of this 3-course meal, but the name itself was mysterious enough for me to try it out.


The entire menu turned out to be yummy, but more than that, it was dreamy! All the dishes were served in a hazy setting, creating a lot of dramatic effect. I found myself watching and clicking each of the dishes first, before trying them out.

milky way fire and ice menu

A Kahlua-based drink called milky way, which was served in a… lightbulb?

Sashimi in a mist fire and ice menu

‘Sashimi in a mist’ was the entree, and it was exactly that. Sashimi served in a misty platter.


Important Disclaimer: This post was a collaboration with Novotel Group of hotels, Thailand. But the opinions are entirely my own, and I was in no way pressurised to write ‘good stuff’. I highly recommend this hotel for families. If you are looking for a family trip to Phuket, you may also consider the Phuket Family Resort Promotion.


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