A Sonnet to New Zealand 4

This is part of a series called ‘A sonnet to the world’, which I have been working on. You can read about the project here. The idea is to write a 14-line Shakespearean Sonnet for every country I visit (and hopefully and eventually, the whole world). And this one is for New Zealand.

In Auckland, the cold winds pierced my skin,

And the night lights swayed my senses high.

And while the city slept with a breezy grin,

The forlorn needle pierced the forgotten sky.


In Taupo, the lake stretched out in miles

Or maybe it was the decline in temperature.

But I saw a plane, went all giggles and smiles,

Then fell sick, and drew myself a silly caricature.


Before I saw the rebirth of Christchurch, I was in awe.

With Wellington, and its pine-laden golden arches

Although I did see a seal in the wild, and smelled it raw.

I didn’t see the kiwi. But seagulls ruled in stretches.


Despite the earthquakes that seem to constantly ravage these lands,

New Zealand loves to build itself back again, with it’s own hands.



Poet’s notes

  1. My road-trip through New Zealand started from Auckland in the North island, and ended in Christchurch in the South Island. It’s difficult to explain this vast stretch, and it become worse when I only have 14 lines for it. Hope I manage to catch the gist.
  2. The ‘needle’ in Auckland, is a reference to the Sky tower, which is the center of Auckland’s skyline.
  3. My most clear memory of Taupo – despite all the stretches I hiked – was the McDonalds restaurant inside a converted airplane.
  4. In Wellington, I managed to see a wild seal – for the first time in my life. And it obviously left a huge impact on me.
  5. And Christchurch was rebuilding itself after the 2014 earthquake. Impressively, the city – and the whole country – seemed to be so unperturbed by all the natural calamities that keep striking this country.

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