A sonnet to Australia

This is part of a series called ‘A sonnet to the world’, which I have been working on. You can read about the project here. The idea is to write a 14-line Shakespearean Sonnet for every country I visit (and hopefully and eventually, the whole world). And this one is for Australia.

It didn’t hurt, nor was there a flavor of fallen grace.

It didn’t feel like the rain, nor bursts of thunder.

It was a rather banal affair, very commonplace

When I finally lost my virginity, down under.


The winter hesitated, then shoved its deep claws

Into me, while King’s cross pulled out my eyes.

Sydney had welcomed me with all of its flaws.

All of it’s spectacular lows. All of it’s spectacular highs.


Through St. Mary’s cathedral, to the cupids of the park.

I stepped out for a glorious sunrise with only love’s cloak.

Before venturing into the blue mountains in the cold dark.

And admired the 3 sisters: A lustful masterstroke.


To the drunk Aussie weather gods and goddesses,

I said a solemn cheers. For all their winter excesses.

Poet’s notes
1) I visited Australia in the bitter-cold month of July. Probably, not the best travel decision of my life. So, please forgive the slightly disappointed verses. Australia was great. Australian winters are not.
2) Also, I have only been to Sydney, Katoomba and Melbourne in Australia. I know, that is not enough to make an honest impression of the whole country.
3) King’s cross is the crazy street in Sydney where I spent a lot of time, due to the presence of all the hostels there. It’s quite close to the St. Mary’s cathedral, the Royal Botanic Gardens.
4) Blue mountains and 3 sisters peak in Katoomba were probably the best memories of my Australia trip. Despite the winter cold.

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