2016: My year in Travelling Instagram Photos

I did it before in 2013, posting my favorite photos of the year.

And again in 2014.

And despite travelling through Europe for almost the whole part of 2015, I only missed it out because I had taken a short sabbatical from blogging, and was settling into a corporate job.

But 2016, there were no excuses. And no reasons not to. I started the year travelling, and continue to travel as I end it. And no better way to document it, than the photos I have taken through each of the months in the year. The only difference is, I decided to pick my favourite instagram pictures from each of the months.

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There was no better place to celebrate new year, than Hanoi in Vietnam. Hanoi itself is not spectacular as such, apart from some of the motorbike trips and the vietnamese coffee. But nearby, Halong bay is a sight to hold, even though it was freezing cold in the month of January.


The bad weather continued in February, but the travelling did not stop. I had given rest to the motorbike for a couple of years, so it was time for a road trip by car – this time in England. We started in London, and despite storm emogen raging through England, visited stonehenge, Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge and a sleepy town called Eli. And to top it up, made a short trip to Dublin, coming face to face with Molly Malone for the first time.


The faraway trips continued in March. I was anyway supposed to visit Dominican republic, but the office threw a curveball and asked me to also visit Cincinnati on some official work (Yes, I do work!). So, ended up with a few days in Cincinnati and a few more in New york, before catching my vacation to Santo Domingo, Dominican republic. From Santo Domingo, the road took me all the way to Punta Cana and its beautiful beaches. As a bonus, had a full-day stopover in Panama city on the way back to new york. Tranquillo life, as they say in DR.


I had no travels planned in April at all. But Singapore is such a place that you can’t stay within its arms for too long. And a month was a loooong time. So, I did end up travelling to familiar shores again. First was a weekend trip to nearby Bintan island (Indonesia). If there was one island which I have visited the most (apart from Singapore, of course), that would have to be Bintan. And this time was no different too, as I ended up once again, in my favourite beach shack; shady shack at Trikora beach.
But my favourite part of the month, definitely has to be a short trip back to Chennai, reuniting with my beast once again!


Almost 3 weeks of May were spent in Bangkok, but unfortunately on work. And work-trips for me don’t give me too much of a travel-feel. (I am quite hardworking. Just saying). But I did compensate that with a short trip to Dhaka (Bangladesh), where I should have gone 2 years ago but couldn’t since they wouldn’t let me inside with a motorbike. And who would have thought that I would have my craziest house-party EVER, in Dhaka, in the midst of a very conservative Bangladesh?!


The only trip this month was a very short one to Macau. I have been to HongKong before, but had somehow missed out on Macau. This time was completely Macau, as I didn’t even bother to cross over to HongKong. But can’t say it was such a fruitful trip. For one, I am not into casinos, gambling or sex tourism, which makes a major chunk of what Macau is all about. And what I was looking forward to, the Pandas, were nowhere in sight because the panda museum was closed for the off-season. Bummer!


This must be the season of the bummers. I had been planning a trip to Palau for months, to check out the jellyfishes of the rock lake in Koror. Turns out, all that island-hopping on an airplane, was in vain. Palau was an interesting location indeed, despite me not being able to step into the water.


The big trip of the month, started in Amsterdam, and ended in Amsterdam. I wanted to check out the canal gay pride festival in Amsterdam, so had booked my flights to coincide with the festival dates. After that, took a flight to Zurich in Switzerland, where 2 friends awaited me with a car, ready to make a road trip. Guess where? Amsterdam! So we drove from Zurich to Amsterdam, via Leichtenstein, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium.


It was time for another European road trip. This time, back in my favourite European city of Barcelona, only to rent a car and drive out to see the little country of Andorra, sandwiched between Spain and France. And on the way back, stopped in Girona, because thats what a Game of Thrones fan does.


After 3 big trips in the last 3 months, October was deliberately a bit slower. Not my decision, rather my wallet demanded it. The only trips this months were for weekends. One was a road trip to Melaka, in Malaysia. And another was to Bali, for Asia’s first toughmudder.


Can’t believe that it took me so long to finally visit Japan. And yet, its only Tokyo for now. Japan is culturally massive, so one of the best ways I found to soak it all in, was to plan a trip during the Tori Ni Ichi festival. One of my best decisions of the year!


The year ended as it had begun. Booked a flight to Mauritius (although Airasia screwed it up a little bit), and a side-trip to Reunion, and the new year was capped off at the long Flic-n-Flac beach in Mauritius where fireworks lit up the sky.

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