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This is a list of countries that do not require a visa, or offer a visa on arrival for Indians. If you are looking for countries that offer electronic visas (E-visas), click this list.

There are plenty of countries which do not require an advance visa for Indian citizens. And if you are an Indian – or if you have interacted with an Indian – the chances are likely that you will believe/hear the most commonly stated reason why Indians dont travel much.

“I need a visa for every fricking country that I want to go to!”

Click here for the time that I got grilled by immigration officers for nearly an hour. Not in US. Not n Europe. Of all places, in Fiji!

Ok, understand this. When most Indians (me included, a few years ago) complain about the need to get a  visa to go everywhere, they are referring to the need for a visa to go to the developed countries (Massive hint: Amrikaa! Urope!). But once you take the developed countries out of the equation, you will realize that there are actually plenty of countries which do not require a visa for Indians, or offer a visa on arrival for Indians. And furthermore, you will be spending much lesser in these countries, compared to the west, and getting more for your well-earned buck.

While there are plenty of similar lists on the blogosphere, below are my top 10 countries where Indians DONT need an advanced visa. And the best way for you to get there.

Note: I deliberately did not include Nepal and Bhutan in this list, because it is not fair to include them, because of the proximity and ease of access. If  you are an Indian traveler who has not visited these 2 countries yet, I think you should start there first. For crying out loud, I almost walked through the Nepal border without even showing my passport!!

So, how many of the below countries have you been to yet?

1) Jordan

Chillin like a villain with some awesome bedouin folks in Wadi Musa, Jordan!

Chillin like a villain with some awesome bedouin folks in Wadi Musa, Jordan!

Visa situation:
Visa on arrival for Indians at a cost of JD40 (when I visited back in 2013, it was JD20). There is a provision that the applicant must hold US$1000 in cash, but this was not enforced when I visited Jordan. Another traveler friend told me that he was asked for it (I guess I was dressed quite swanky), but he managed to show his credit cards and get away.
Why visit there:
While most travellers decide to go for Petra or Wadi Rum (thanks Hollywood!), Jordan is much more than that. Plenty of castles adorn different parts of the country (Ajloun, Jerash and Umm Qais), and so does the bordering dead sea and Bethany. One of the most liberal and developed countries of the middle-east, visit Jordan for its beautiful desert-scape, if not for meeting the awesome bedouins.

2) Laos

laos, bolaven plateau village

It’s the warm-nature of the people that make Laos such a beautiful country to visit. Here, I was stuck on a rainy evening in the Bolaven plateau, while riding a motorbike. This family invited me to join their lunch!

Visa situation:
Visa on arrival for Indians at a cost of USD$35. Valid for 30 days.
Why visit there:
Despite being a close neighbour of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, Laos has not yet gained the kind of tourist flow that these countries have. Which means lesser tourists, comparatively. (Not as less as Myanmar, which opened up its tourism only a few years ago). Luang Prabang and the regions down south (Pakse, Champusak, Bolaven plateau etc) are totally gorgeous, and a pleasure to ride a motorbike through!

3) Indonesia

Bali festival indonesia culture

Indonesia is a collage of colours, cultures, and curious people. This is in the midst of a festival in Bali.

Visa situation:

Since 2016, Indians are able to enter and remain in Indonesia visa-free for a period of 30 days for tourism purposes. And it’s completely free!

Why visit there:

With more than 13000 islands, its just a matter of finding out which island is best-suited for you! My favorite (and apparently, the favorite of many) has to be Bali. Simply because it is culturally very different from the entire Indonesia, and because of the beautiful scenarios that about everywhere in the island.

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4) Seychelles

seychelles islands

Pristine. Serene. And yet, rarely seen. Photo courtesy: The Telegraph

Visa situation:

So, Indians do not have any special or brownie points here, because all foreign-nationals visiting Seychelles are given visa-free access. The only requirement is that you must have a return or onward ticket, a hotel booking, and sufficient funds.

Why visit there:

For everything that screams water! The largest coral Atoll (Aldabra Atoll), perfect venue for watersports, and numerous beaches.

5) Vanuatu

Port vila vanuatu

The Vanuatuans will tell you they are the happiest country in the world. I can attest to this.

Visa situation:

If you cough up the dough, required to fly to this island country in the Pacific ocean, then the visa is a good news that awaits you. Indians can enter Vanuatu visa-free, with a maximum stay of 30 days.

Why visit there:

If you want to see the mother of the bungee-jumping, head to Pentecost island during the festival of Nangol to watch land-diving. Or if you want to see an active volcano up, close and personal, head to Yasur Volcano in Tanna island.

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6) Maldives

Mafushi island Maldives

The sunset at Maafushi island.

Visa situation:

The Maldivian visa policy is very similar to Seychelles above. Any country in the world has a visa-free or visa-on-arrival status in Maldives, with a stay unto 30 days. But there is some extra-love for Indians here, especially since only Indian passports get a 90-day visa!

However, the Maldives immigration will ensure that you are arriving to leave. So, they will ask you for a hotel/resort booking at the immigration, and you have to produce it. If you dont have a reservation, they will make you do one online while at the airport itself. You simply cannot enter Maldives without showing an accommodation for the duration of your stay.

Why visit there:

Maafushi! OK, so there are not many cheap options in Maldives, but the comparatively cheaper one is this public island called Maafushi, which is not owned by any resort. You could stay in privately-owned guesthouses for as cheap as 50 USD, eat tuna and coconuts everyday, and explore the bikini beach, which is carefully hidden away from the local population.

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7) Bolivia

Bolivia festival

One of the numerous cultural festivals of Bolivia. Picture courtesy: Wikipedia

Visa situation:

Indians can avail a 90-days visa-on-arrival for approximately 135 USD. However, there is an important catch here. The visa-on-arrival option is only available if you are landing at the Santa Cruz airport in La Paz. So, if you are like a friend of mine who recently did a land-trip through South America, and planning to enter Bolivia by land, then you need to prepare an advance visa.

Why visit there:

The Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, is probably the most photographed place in Bolivia, with its long, salty mirror-like terrain. Additionally, the Potosi mines are also subject of great historic and cultural influence.

8) Ethiopia

Karo tribe ethiopia.

The Karo tribe in Ethiopia. Photo courtesy: CEOWorld

Visa situation:

A 90-day tourist visa is issued to Indians when entering Ethiopia. However, just like Bolivia above, you can get this VOA only if you are arriving at Addis Ababa International airport, and not during land transfers.

Why visit there:

Plenty of UNESCO world heritage sites, especially in Aksum, and near Lake Tana. Also, in true African style, you can take a tribal region safari by visiting the Lower Omo valley.

9) Kenya


Kenya tourism

Truly Kenya. Picture courtesy: Magical Kenya

Visa situation:

As of writing, there are not 1, but 3 different visa options for Indians in Kenya!

  • There is an e-visa system through which we can apply for a visa that is valid for unto 3 months.
  • It is also possible to get a visa-on-arrival upon landing in Kenya.
  • If the above are not good enough, you can also get a East African Tourist Visa – either online or upon arrival – which gives you a multiple-entry visa for Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

Why visit there:

While everyone talks about the abundant game reserves, safari options, and hobnobbing with the Masai Mara tribe in Kenya, few realize that Kenya also has some very beautiful beaches located along the coastal regions. Or near Mombassa.

10) Mauritius

Mauritius islands

Le Morne peninsula in Mauritius. Picture courtesy: Mauritius attractions

Visa situation:

Indians enjoy visa-free entry into Mauritius, for a period of unto 90 days.

Why visit there:

While everyone believes Mauritius to be famous for its beaches alone, there are also some amazing natural structures on display too. Like the seven coloured earth of Chamarel, a unique geological formations with the sands reflecting 7 different colours.

So that makes up top 10 countries where Indians dont need to plan an advance visa. Did I miss out any? Give me a shout in the comments section below.

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