Project 365: Day 363 – Smiles abound in Mamallapuram 2

29th June 2015 – Mamallapuram, India

The bullet finally saw some action.

And a familiar town woke me up with a surfing beach.

Familiarity and family have a similar ring,

My ears are ready, for whatever it is they preach.

Mamallapuram, India

Motorbikes make people smile – Mamallapuram, India

The unthinkable does happen. Sometimes.

I should have left from Mamallapuram to Chidambaram today. But a surprise call last evening from my parents, informing me that they might head here, put me off balance. I still wasn’t sure of it though.


I woke up in the morning and took the bullet outside for a short ride, looking for tea stalls to have a local cup of chai. And I found one at the early morning hour of 6.30 am.


As I sipped on my hot tea, the handsome dude in the picture came up to me and just kept staring at my tattoos. And then at the huge, bull of a bike that stood a metre away from me. And then, he talked to his companion, another kid of the same age, on how he wanted to sit on that ‘bicycle’! I couldn’t help but laugh. I took a few pictures of him, and then I picked him up and put on the motorbike, where he looked helplessly to locate the pedals. When he found there was none, he got bored and came down the motorbike. Some people’s passion is another’s bore.


An hour before noon, my mom called. She was in Mamallapuram! So, she wasn’t kidding after all. I was heading home, but on my motorbike, and it would be another 2-3 weeks before I get to Mahe in Kerala to meet them. She couldn’t wait, and my retired parents decided to take a short vacation too. So, they caught a train and came down to Mamallapuram.


As you would imagine, I am a well-behaved boy now. I’ve even hid my pack of cigarettes, damn!

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