Project 365: Day 362 – Till we meet again, Chennai 1

28th June 2015 – Chennai, India

I took the fight to the rain gods, and
Came out winning, flashing a proud grin.
They tried to keep me subdued,
But today, I am not letting myself be pinned.
Mash restaurant in Chennai, India

The best food, and the best views – Chennai, India

Finally, I left Chennai today. But not too far, I only managed a mere 40 KMs before rain forced me to settle at Mamallapuram for the day.
But before all that happened, I stepped out for an early morning sunday breakfast at one of my favourite restaurants in Chennai. MASH is so awesome, that till date, it is one of only 3 restaurant reviews that I have ever wrote on my blog. And sundays are special at MASH, because it opens for business from 7 am onwards.
After a game of Israeli matkot with a good friend for an hour – which elicited a lot of stares from people who have never seen this game before – we settled in for a hearty breakfast. After which, I came back home and finally mounted my bags on my trusted Royal Enfield.
In the royal enfield, I trust. But can’t say the same for the rain gods. No sooner had I reached 20 KMs, when it started raining. All my bags were covered and rain-proof, but I wasn’t. And I found myself soaked to the bones in no time.
So, I am settled in Mahabalipuram for tonight. Who knows, maybe a couple of nights.
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