Project 365: Day 358 – Catching up with St. Thomas 5

24th June 2015 – Chennai, India

Familiarity did breed contempt, thats for sure.

Else how did I never check out such beautiful things?

Like a forgotten teardrop on the chennai map,

I finally heard the distant church bells ring.

Santhome church in Chennai, India

Long time. Good, old friend! – Santhome church in Chennai, India

There is something very different about living in a country, and visiting there. When you live there, you are caught up in the pace of the city, and tend to ignore the beautiful things around you. But when you visit there, you are relaxed. You soak in more of the sights, you hear all the noises of the place, and you smell and feel every bit of the sense.


Something similar is happening with me and Chennai now. I’ve lived here for 5 years, yet I am clicking things which I never thought about before. Yesterday, it was the sunrise at the Marina beach. Today, I was off to visit another beautiful place where I have never set foot before.


St. Thomas, one of the 12 disciples of Christ, was martyred at St. Thomas Mount in Chennai. And supposedly over his tomb, the early Portuguese explorers set up a  Roman Catholic basilica. And the region it was located in, gradually came to be called Santhome, from San Thome. And the Santhome basilica has stood there forever, and I did not step inside even once. Until today.
There is enough in this place to keep you occupied for an hour. Apart from the tomb of St. Thomas, there is also a museum, an ancient pipe organ and an ancient sun dial. And if you are like me, walking into a morning mass, you can sit down and enjoy the sermons for a while.
I am jobless, and I have nothing else to do. Of course, I heard the whole sermon.
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