Project 365: Day 356 – The world is not enough

22nd June 2015 – Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Midnight hula hoops stretched to early morning hours,

And I passed out, on a familiar beige couch.

Only to wake up and say goodbye to the world.

It was short and sweet, but now I head to my homely pouch.

Hula hoops in Unawatuna

Midnight Hula hoops before returning home – Unawatuna, Sri Lanka



After all the surfing and the yoga shoots yesterday, the evening continued with a barbecue, as it always happens at hostel Unawatuna.
Barbecues are a pretty regular thing here. All the people in the hostel pool up some money, go out and buy some meat, charcoal and booze. And then we barbecue it up. The last time I was in Srilanka, I gained 2 kilos in a month. And that should tell you something about these awesome barbies.
Around midnight, one of the hostel mates started playing with her hula-hoop, with me clicking around. And then the drinking continued. Almost till 4 AM, but I am pretty sure I passed out on the hostel couch much before that. Only to wake up at 10 AM, and start packing in a hurry. I was done with the world, for now. Today was the day that I finally head back home.
I bid goodbye to the guys from the hostel, and got a lift from Rajiv upto Colombo, where I picked up my backpack from Nicci’s house, and headed to the airport. After the emigration formalities, I was finally on an AirIndia flight, headed towards Chennai.
9 days to go for this project. And I dont want it ending anywhere other than my own country.
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