Project 365: Day 354 – Ungodly hours at the fort

20th June 2015 – Colombo, Sri Lanka

A familiar fort called me back today.

I loved the call, but hated the timing.

At 4 am when Srilanka was snoring loud,

I was eating fish buns and other snacks and things.

fort station, colombo srilanka

Late nights or early mornings – Fort station in colombo, Srilanka

Last night, I had taken an air-conditioned bus towards Colombo, from where I was to catch a morning train towards Unawatuna.

The plan had a few holes. One, the air-conditioning kind of made me nauseous, to the point that i had to open the window to get some fresh air. And secondly, it was a bumpy road. Somehow, I managed to finally find some sleep around 3 AM, but was woken up by 4. I was in Colombo already! This was very different from my trip to Arugam bay, when I took the longest route via train, bus and Tuk-Tuk to get there after 17 hours!

But now, I had a different kind of problem. I had to wait till 6.05 am for my train to Unawatuna, and it was only 4! I passed some time clicking around the fort station, which I have visited once before. But in low-light, there are not much things that I can click. Then, I talked to a Yoga teacher from France, who was heading to the south too, and we spent some time in the ticket counters, until the train arrived.

The train took me to Galle, and from there I took another Tuk Tuk to get to Unawatuna. Stepped into one of my favourite hostels, kept my bags, and then I hit snoring land. Really quick!
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