Project 365: Day 353 – Easternmost tip of Sri Lanka

19th June 2015 – Ampara, Sri Lanka

Extreme sports are totally my thing.

No wait. Take out the R there. I meant spots.

And after a gruelling ride towards the east,

I finally met a hammock. And the woes turned to naught.

Ampara srilanka

What do people do when they reach the easternmost tip of Sri lanka? You chill on a hammock – Ampara, Srilanka


I had previously visited the southernmost point of Srilanka, in Tangalle. And today, I had a chance to visit the Easternmost.
We rented a motorbike from the guesthouse we were staying in, and left towards Ampara. Sangaman kanda in Ampara district, just past Komari, is the easternmost point of the country. And it was just 20 KM away.
On the way, we passed the Muhu Maha Vihara Buddhist temple in Pottuvil, which had some kind of religious ceremony happening today. And this was accompanied by a huge delegation of cops and military, making us the only foreigners in the crowd. Well, that got us a little too much attention, I think.
After another 30 minutes of riding, we finally reached Ampara district, and the last 3 KM of the stretch was through unpaved, rural roads which finally led us to a quaint little beachside resort and cafe. The waves were decent, and there were a few surfers around, but we choose to get an iced coffee and just chill near the beach.
After Ampara, Nicci caught the bus to Batticaloa, which she wanted to visit for a while. I took the bus to Colombo at night, to head back to a familiar location where I stayed 3 weeks the last time I was in Srilanka.
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