Project 365: Day 350 – Absolut India, down in Colombo

16th June 2015 – Colombo, Sri Lanka

Apart from the flashy cars that I clicked yesterday,

The Duty free shop had also given me a bottle of joy.

When colombo poured buckets, and there was nowhere to go,

Mixing an Absolut vodka bottle with a resonator, was our best ploy.

Absolut india in Colombo, Srilanka

Here is a subtle hint for Absolut to endorse a portion of my future trips – Colombo, Srilanka

I reached Colombo in the morning, after some really horrible turbulence and some choppy winds. Both of which combined in very cosmic proportions to ensure that I did not get any sleep throughout the flydubai flight.
After reaching the Bandaranaike airport, I took a bus and then a rickshaw – also called a TukTuk by the falangs – to reach Nicci’s house. I had met Nicci during my motorbike trip to Bhutan last year, and turns out this awesome Aussie was in Colombo for some serious advisory work for the Sri Lankan government. I have no idea what she does apart from writing a blog about her Srilankan adventures, but she was hosting me. Can’t complain.
Nicci was still at work, but she came home to let me in, and left again, promising to come back by 4 pm. And I decided to use that time very productively.
By going to sleep.
Woke up in the evening, and Nicci had joined me by then. Just when we were about to go out and see some of Colombo’s nightlife, the rain come down. In buckets and some more. So, we stayed put.
I had a bottle of limited edition Absolut India, spiced with Mango and pepper spices. And Nicci had a resonator guitar. The combination was pretty mind-blowing, to say the least.
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