Project 365: Day 349 – Dutyfree shops and flashy cars

15th June 2015 – Dubai, UAE

It didn’t help much that I bound at home today.

And it didn’t help much that inertia was a close pal.

But the land of flashy cars and excess heat is getting to me.

Its time to board that airbus, and shift to a different locale.

Duty free shops at Dubai, UAE

Not proud of it, but my only picture today – Dubai, UAE

Like the past 2 days, when Dubai had me by my neck with its heat, the trend continued today also: I stayed at home throughout the day.
But in the evening, I had no choice to step out. For a simple reason. I was leaving Dubai today. It was a short weekend stop, and it was coming to an end. I had a late night flight from Dubai – not the Al Maktoum airport, thankfully – to Sirimavo Bandaranaike airport.
Colombo, Sri Lanka.
And I had planned earlier to click around in the airport to find my picture of the day. But it wasn’t so easy going. For one, I immersed myself in dinner when I arrived. I still had some dirhams left, and had to finish it off. So, spent an hour or 2 at McDonald’s getting some dinner, and then packing some for my 5 hour air journey. And once that was done, tried to look around the airport for something interesting to click.
Which wasn’t so easy to come by. Dubai should take a page off Singapore’s Changi airport which has built some eye-candy stuff into the airport like butterfly gardens, and common lounges. There was nothing much here, except a smoking room which I visited a couple of times.
And of course, the many, many duty-free shops. I bought a bottle of Absolut limited edition India bottles (with mango and spice flavours!) and just looked around.
Only to find this flashy car inside the airport, as a prize for some duty-free contest.
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