Project 365: Day 348 – A walk in the Mamzar corniche

14th June 2015 – Dubai, UAE

I was caged again. 2 days in a row now.

Because Europe had me pampered with its cold winters.

If not for some Mandi, and a walk through the

Newest of Dubai’s projects, it could have been much worse

The view from Al Mamzar corniche

The view from Al Mamzar corniche – Dubai, UAE


For the second day in a row, I found myself sitting at home in the mornings. And you can blame the 40C temperature in Dubai, for that staycation.

It has been quite a while since I experienced something like this. From the days when I landed in Serbia in the snowfall till praying for the winter to end in Lithuania, it has been quite a while in Europe for me, handling the winter. I was in Dubai last August, but then, it was manageable since I was coming from one hot country to another. But now, my body finds itself challenged.
I drank a whole lot of cold drinks today, just to keep me hydrated and cool. And did not step out till late evening. Raazi, who I am staying with, offered to drive around the city looking for some good Mandi. Mandi is a traditional kabsa-style rice dish from Yemen, which has become extremely popular in the rest of the Arab region. I liked it the last time I tried it, along with a regional derivative called the Madhbee.
We found it finally in a restaurant conveniently named ‘Nur-Al-Mandi’, and ordered 2 plates. Only when the first plate came did we realise that one plate was enough for 4 people. So, we cancelled the other plate, and just gorged on our first one, finding it increasingly hard to finish the huge portions.
After that enormous dinner, there had to be some walking to cool off my overworked digestive system. So, Raazi drove me to the Al Mamzar corniche. The Al Mamzar corniche beach is a brand new public beach located between Al Mamzar park and Al Hamriya port, which has come into existence only from 2014. The beach was nice for a walk, and some families brought their kids to play in the waters.
Luckily, I carried by tripod with me today for a long-exposure shot.
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