Project 365: Day 346 – Goodbye Europe. Hello again, Asia

12th June 2015 – Sofia, Bulgaria

The European odyssey, is finally over.

Not sure how I feel about it, but I am smiling.

I bid my goodbyes, and sang with the thracian Orpheus,

And watched as the flight wings hovered above the desert ring.

Orpheus statue at Sofia airport, Bulgaria

The Thracian connection – Sofia, Bulgaria

It has been a long 5 months, hopping through Europe. Most of it, during the cold winter months. But sadly, yet happily, it ends today.
The fact is, I miss home a little bit. Home is not as you would imagine it. I just miss the luxury of sitting in a corner or a chair that I am very familiar with, and read a book without having to plan for the next travel. So, I am heading home.
Well, not entirely. I will stop by Dubai and Sri Lanka on the way home. Yeah, I have been to both before, but they are beautiful places which definitely warrant a second visit. In the morning, I bid goodbye to Alegra hostel and the amazing host Ivo, and took a metro to the airport. The metro line is fairly easy to decode, and I made it to the airport in time. Only to pause on the way from the metro station to the airport terminal, to view the Orpheus.
Orpheus was a legendary greek musician, famous in myth stories for the story where he attempted to revive his wife Eurydice from the underworld. The 3.5m bronze statue of Orpheus was created by Krum Damyanov, and has been on exhibit at the airport since. The connection was lost on me initially, and I had to look it up on wikipedia, to know that Orpheus had Thracian origins. The thracians were a group of Indo-European tribes who were among the first to inhabit Bulgaria.
I reached the Dubai Al Maktoum airport by 7 am. The immigration was a breeze because of the visas that I had already arranged. The only problem: Al Maktoum airport was 60 km away from the city centre!
The last time I flew here, I didn’t even know there was an airport called Al Maktoum. I had informed a friend that I would stay here, but did not factor the distance. So, I had to reach the airport and wait for 60 minutes while she sent a friend to pick me up.
Its a good thing there was starbucks.
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