Project 365: Day 345 – Size does matter in Sofia

11th June 2015 – Sofia, Bulgaria

I’ve been to the largest. The second is not too different.

Somehow, the domes are similar. And I can’t tell the difference.

Followed it up with local beers, and an English pub quiz.

We were close, and should have almost won. Just my jealous 2 cents.

Alexander Nevsky cathedral, in Sofia, Bulgaria

The second largest cathedral in the Balkans – Alexander Nevsky cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria


One place which I didn’t get to check out yesterday during the free sofia walking tour, was the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. I did pass by it, but somehow the sun prevented me from taking any pictures. And I didn’t get to go inside too.
So, today I made up for it, and went to check it out. After all, this was the second largest cathedral in the Balkan regions!
I had been to the largest one before, in Belgrade, Serbia. And my first reaction when seeing the Alexander Nevsky church from the front, was “God! It looks almost the same“. Well, that was because I couldn’t see all the domes from the front. Then, I decided to walk around a little bit, and tried to take a picture from the back. And thats when all the domes of the cathedral came into full view.
Saint Alexander Nevsky was a Russian prince from the 12th century, and the cathedral itself was created as a tribute to the Russian soldiers who died during the Russian-Turkish war of 1877. The cathedral was completed in 1912, only for its name to be briefly changed during the WWI because Russia and Bulgaria were not allies.
It’s a good thing that they reverted the name. There is a good ring to it.
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