Project 365: Day 339 – When Herastrau and Colentina met

5th June 2015 – Bucharest, Romania

It must have been love at first sight,

When the colentina flowed into the large lake.

And the love child grew up with a curious disposition.

To build as many statues as an eye could take.

Herestrau park in Bucharest, Romani

These ladies greeted me at the park. – Bucharest, Romania

I am determined to continue the good run in Bucharest, and decided to walk out on my own today. Exploring the gardens and parks in Bucharest.

The day started with walks around the large Cismigiu garden, which stood verdant surrounding a lake which I would later learn was artificial. I entered from the main entrance near the city hall, and walked straight through the park, bisecting it like a precise surgeon using the many bridges that existed along the lake. I watched young couples rowing for leisure, almost reminiscent of the gondolas of Venice. And plenty of swans. Black swans though, unlike the white ones I have been seeing lately in Ohrid and Lake Bled.

And in the afternoon, I set upon myself the task of exploring the Herastrau park, so large that it made the Cismigiu look tiny in comparison. The Herastrau park was built around the huge Herastrau lake, which was formed by the Colentina river. There are 2 sections of the park. One was a village museum, which had exhibits of Romanian houses from different parts of the country. The other was the public area.

I decided to stick to the public area for today. Herastrau was large enough for me to come back the next day again.

The public area itself had a lot for me to see in one day. At the very entrance, I was greeted with the row of statues in the picture above. And further on, the statues kept coming and coming, including a very impressive set of mugshots of famous Romanians.

I walked as much as I could, until there were signs of night falling soon. Then, I gave up my quest to circle the lake, and returned back to the safety of my hostel.

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