Project 365: Day 338 – Caragiale’s characters

4th June 2015 – Bucharest, Romania

The old city and yesterday’s events, were old news

I had moved on. And that is one thing I have learnt.

And so I bumped into a bunch of happy-go-lucky folks.

Amusing they were. Recognisable, they definitely weren’t.

Caruta cu Paiate monument in Bucharest, Romania

I didn’t know any of their names. Not that it mattered – Bucharest, Romania

I had put behind me yesterday’s events, and woke up with a fresh smile. The environment at the funky chicken hostel also helped to liven me up, with 2 Polish girls from Krakow who showered smiles all around, and brought some energy to the day.

So, I stepped out to see a little bit more of Bucharest city today, promising to stretch beyond the old city. And the walk led me to the Piata  Revolutiel, which was the site of the bloody 1989 revolution of Romania, and the unique monument called the Memorial of rebirth.

The monument was extremely symbolic and abstract. So abstract, that I couldn’t even figure out what it symbolized! Bucharest may be no Prague and may not have a David Cerny, but I was only going to find out that it did have more wacky monuments and sculptures to discover.

After exploring the discreet Otetari church, Rossetti square and national theatre, I unexpectedly came across a frame from a dystopian asterix comic. Or that was what the above picture looked like. And Romania’s notorious lack of English-language instructions, meant that I had no idea what it was, but ended up taking pictures of it, promising to google it up later when I reached the comfort of wireless internet.

So, the monument is called the Caruta Cu Paiate, and is a  tribute to the Romania playwright, Ion Luca Caragiale. Created by sculptor Ioan Bolborea, it features characters from Caragiale’s famous plays.

I would have loved to learn their names. But apparently, not today.

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