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Qn: This capital city was originally called just ‘town’, although in the local language. In 1967, the King (Picture A) abdicated his throne to his son, and took the title of ____ _____. The son (Picture B), who is also the current king, renamed the city and added his father’s title at the end of it, to give the city it’s current name.

Identify the capital city, which has 3 words in its name.

Picture A

Picture A

Picture B

Picture B


Bandar Seri Begawan. (Brunei)
The original name for the capital of Brunei, was ‘Bandar Brunei’, which means ‘Brunei Town’. In 1967, Sultan Omar Ali Saifudden III (Picture A) abdicated in favour of his eldest son, Hassanal Bolkiah (Picture B) and took the official title of “Seri Begawan”. The word “Begawan” was also used for Bruneian monarchs who have abdicated, which originally coming from the Sanskrit word for “god”: bhagavān.
Bolkiah renamed the city in October 1970 to honour his late father. Now, the capital city is called Bandar Seri Begawan. (Click here: to check out the water villages of Bandar Seri Begawan)
For 2 days in a row, nobody got the right answer. I think I must tone down the difficulty level, a little bit!
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