Project 365: Day 333 – Triple Nelson near the Budapest eye

30th May 2015 – Budapest, Hungary

The first Nelson was in my own home turf

In the national capital, saluting a war memorial.

The second, in the Kalemagdan, that giant fortress.

And the third, for the Budapest eye, is almost an advertorial.

Budapest Eye in Budapest, Hungary

This was non-functional the last time I came here – Budapest, Hungary

I have never really enjoyed watching cricket, although I have enjoyed taking pictures of it in the streets of Kolkata and the beaches of Mirissa, Sri Lanka. But being an Indian, I grew up with cricketing terms around me. And one of those was the Nelson.

In tribute to Horatio Nelson (who is said to have lost 1 arm, 1 eye and 1 etcetera), a team score of 3 consecutive numbers is called a Nelson. So, 111 would be a single Nelson. 222 would be a double Nelson. And 333, the triple Nelson.

I had my 3 Nelsons in 3 unique places, all of them capital cities. My single Nelson was in New Delhi, and my double Nelson was in Belgrade.

And now, my triple Nelson in another city which I love dearly. Budapest!

Surprisingly, Kashif was also in town today. The same guy from Pakistan who I had met up in Ljubljana. We agreed to meet today for lunch, and met near the Budapest eye. The last time I was here, the eye was not functioning and I thought it was up for repairs. Turns out that the Budapest eye is operational only between end-may to September.

We met at an Italian joint and talked about the textile industry, my future plans, and other things. And surprisingly, when the bill was given, he was adamant that he will pay it, and did not even allow me to split the bill.

A Pakistani guy paying for the lunch of an Indian guy he met just few days ago. If you ever needed proof for universal love, look no further.

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