Project 365: Day 330 – The hanging shoes of Ljubljana

27th May 2015 – Ljubljana, Slovenia

In a street filled with graffiti and some erotic shops,

I cranked up my neck to stare at hanging… shoes.

What looked like a beautiful sight, soon turned around

On the base of the story that it held behind. I couldn’t choose.

Hanging shoes in Ljubljana, Slovenia

See what I mean? – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana does have some interesting street art. And exploring it, started with the weird Metelkova.

The Metelkova mesto is actually a squat, with numerous clubs all playing their own style of music. And a gathering for all kind of artists, who have converted a former military barrack to a hub of art and graffiti. And this mesto also houses the Celica, one of the most famous hostels in Eastern Europe. Celica (the cell) is actually a Yugoslav military prison which has been redecorated, and has earned a name for itself among hostel aficionados.

But I won’t be needing this today, since I am couchsurfing. After lunch, I met up with my CS host Roxanne who finished her work, and we went out to take some levitation photographs, which are becoming my speciality nowadays. And we walked through the picturesque Trubarjeva street. And came face to face with hanging shoes strung on wires in different parts of the street.

No one knows exactly why those shoes are there. In the west, hanging shoes is a symbol of ‘the hood’. But not here, because Trubarjeva is actually a cultural centre. But the most common theory is that the shoes are hung there in memory of a lost love.

Not sure if I wanted to know that. There was no sorrow in the day, until I heard that little bit of information.

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