Project 365: Day 329 – A wanderer went through the Atom age

26th May 2015 – Ljubljana, Slovenia

The wander is still alive. He finds himself

Sitting on forlorn benches, and sipping in thoughts.

Sometimes we rarely see the bigger picture,

Yet we rush in. Eager to join the demure dots.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The atom age calls me – Ljubljana, Slovenia

I decided to simply walk through Ljubljana today. And found out it was easier than I thought.

Ljubljana is a pretty small city, with an even smaller centre. And everything in the centre is centred around the Ljubljanica river, a small river which might be called stream by some. And the central attraction are the bridges which are located almost every 50 metres across the stretch of the river. Since I had been clicking bridges in Mostar and Sarajevo, I resolved not to click another bridge in Ljubljana.

After passing the central statue of the Slovenian poet France Preseren, next to the famous triple bridge (Tromostovje), I continued walking and checking out the smaller streets for graffiti.

But in one of the streets, I found this bridge with some writing over it. I had to get home and search the internet to understand the words, but it was the translation of a famous work by the Slovenian poet Matej Bor. Since the words sync with my current mood, I had to choose this banal bench to be my picture of the day. And the full poem, is as below.

A wanderer went through the atom age
And from a height, looked down where the atom age lay.
All around, as far as the eye could reach,
concrete and iron, all possible shapes
Throwing long, immovable shadows from neon lights across time.
The wanderer looked,
and at the thought of how superfluous his heart was,
Amidst all this, he shed a tear.
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