Project 365: Day 328 – Zagreb to Ljubljana

25th May 2015 – Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia has me filled to my brim. Both at the waist

And in the heart. The food and the people are to blame.

As I sat in a short bus ride, passing through the meadows,

Slovenia gracefully entered the verdant frame.

Kaptol cathedral in Zagreb, Croatia

Passing by the Cathedral in the Kaptol – Zagreb, Croatia

I said goodbye to Barbara and Ana today. Zagreb has been so much fun, and I met some of the best people so far in the Balkans. But it was time to move on.

Walking to the Autobusni (Bus terminal), I passed by the Kaptol region, stopping at the Zagreb Cathedral to take some quick pictures. Surprising to many, the Zagreb cathedral is also the tallest building in Croatia, similar to the St. Stephen Basilica of Budapest. Despite many reconstruction works going on, the cathedral still towered above the city.

At the bus terminal, I bought a 50 KN bus ticket to Ljubljana, which stopped only at the border crossing between Croatia and Slovenia. Croatia is a conditional member of the Shengen agreement, and they are still making the transition. So, I was surprised to get an entry stamp from the Slovenian side, and NOT get an exit stamp from the Croatian side. Funny borders. Reminded me of the Nepal border at Sunauli. And also the Nepal border at Kakarvitta.

In Ljubljana, I met with my 2 couchsurfing hosts. The Roxannes, both from Quebec, Canada, who were teaching in Slovenia on an internship. Lovely people, both of them. I was tired from the long day, so ended up cooking couscous, which ended up like Bisibelabath for some reason.

Well, my hosts liked it, so I guess I am becoming a better cook.

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