Project 365: Day 326 – The lady of the Dolac market

23rd May 2015 – Zagreb, Croatia

The rain came hammering down, but we didn’t stop.

For it also brought along umbrellas, of all colours and style.

And amidst the people clambering to their boring office life,

One lady stood in bronze, and kept to her poise and smile.

Bronze statue in front of Dolac market in Zagreb

The beautiful lady of the Dolac. – Zagreb, croatia

I left Bosnia and Herzegovina behind in the morning, and headed for Zagreb, my second destination in Croatia. Dubrovnik was amazing, but it was a very short visit. I knew Croatia had more than that.

After reaching Zagreb by afternoon, I met with my couchsurfing host. Barbara, aka Barbie, lived with her mom and a loud parrot named Sime. Well, I did eventually become friends with the parrot, but Barbie and me hit it off immediately. It was pouring buckets in Zagreb, and the temperature had once again dropped down to 15 C, reminding me of the cold days in Estonia. But we were euphoric, and it was a weekend. So, we had to step out.

Barbie and me walked through the old town of Zagreb, stopping to eat Strukla for lunch, a heavy Croatian dish that had us both a little sleepy. But before heading home, we decided to click around at the Dolac open market.

The Dolac market is a farmer’s market, located in the Medvescak district of the city. I have visited night markets in Laos, colourful open markets in Fiji, and Iranian souqs in Qatar, but never visited a farmer’s market before. The smell soothes your senses, first, and then fills it with every imaginable fruity scent you can think of. My favourite were the dried figs and plums, a few of which I pocketed and ate throughout the day.

And at one of the entrances to the market, stood this beautiful lady in bronze, covering her head with a basket.

Well, at least she had something to cover her head in this rain. Unlike me, who was stupidly walking around, hoping the cold eludes me.

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