Project 365: Day 324 – Another day. Another bridge.

21st May 2015 – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Whats with me and bridges? I run into another one today.

In another city, and with another tale behind its view.

While yesterday had Turkish romanticism written all over it,

Today it said a different tale; one from which violence grew.

Latin bridge in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The bridge that started a world war – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I left Mostar today, for another city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And a historical one at that.

Sarajevo doesn’t really look like it, but a world war began here. In 1914, it was in Sarajevo that Gavrilo Princip assassinated Franz Ferdinand, the archduke of the Austro-Hungarian empire. An event that immediately sparked WWI. By that account alone, Sarajevo is supposed to appear ghastly and ghoulish. Surprisingly, it is neither.

I found a cheap apartment on the top of the Sarajevo hills. Well, I didn’t know it was a hill until I started climbing it. It was one of those times that I wished Google maps would also show the elevation of an address. But once I reached the top, the view was as brilliant as anyone can imagine. All that up-hill walk with a 15 KG backpack, was totally worth it.

After settling in, I decided to take a quick walk around Sarajevo before the sun went down. And lo, I ran into yet another bridge. Second day in a  row!

The latin bridge is one of the prime attractions of Sarajevo, and specifically the old town. It was just across this bridge where Princip shot the archduke, and hence the bridge is also called Princip bridge.

One day, a bridge says romance. Another day, it cries murder.

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