Project 365: Day 322 – Bosnia? Or Herzegovina?

19th May 2015 – Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The bridge unites. And the bridge divides.

But nobody is fighting for their own piece.

War has left these riverbanks for now, and

There is an uneasy peace. But its still peace.

Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina

I feel like I moved back in time. Did I? – Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I took a bus in the morning from Dubrovnik. This time, headed towards one of the newest and most exciting countries in the Balkans.

Bosnia and Herzegovina. So exciting, that it takes me 4 seconds just to type its name.

BIH (lets call it that, to make it easier for me) has one of the most complex political structures. The country consists of 2 autonomous entities, namely Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Republika Sprska. And a small, self-governed district called the Brcko district. Moreover, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is also divided into 2 regions named – well – Bosnia and Herzegovina. And there is no clear dividing line either.

I dont want to go into the history behind all this division, but regardless of it, you have a country with a beautiful patchwork of the Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats, and their enduring cultures. And I am experiencing it first-hand today in Mostar.

There are still differences though. During the Croat-Bosnian war, the eastern part of the famous Stari Most (old bridge) was predominantly Bosniaks, and the western part was predominantly Croats. And it still stays pretty much that way.

Somehow, there is an uneasy peace. For now.

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