Project 365: Day 321 – In King’s landing for a day

18th May 2015 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Time is a luxury right now, but an even more

Indulgent one I found, in my own passport.

Well, lets not even talk about the money.

Thats secondary. I have bigger problems to sort.

Old town in Dubrovnik, Croatia

They said Cersei walked naked here a few months ago. Spoiler alert! – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Gone are the days when I would stay 10 days in Bursa or 3 weeks in Unawatuna. My EU visa is running out, and my money is running out. And more importantly, my time is running out.

So, I am on the move. And very fast nowadays.

After spending just 2 days in Kotor, my destination was Mostar in Bosnia and Hercegovina. But on the way, lies Dubrovnik. So, I decided to squeeze in a quick day to see this GOT town. After all, we all have to pay our debts.

Yesterday, late in the evening, I took a bus from Kotor to Dubrovnik. And today, I decided to explore it. Well, I wouldn’t have heard of Dubrovnik if it wasn’t for Game of thrones. Its the lore of pop culture now, that most of the game of thrones scenes were shot in Croatia. While Split was home to some scenes for Daenarys, Dubrovnik was Kings landing. And each of the locals had their own version of the story about how they saw Peter Dinklage, how they took pictures with Sibel Kekilli, or how they shared a beer with Jerome Flynn.

The old town of Dubrovnik is a walled city, one of the reasons why it became the choice for king’s landing. One of the most prominent Mediterranean vacation choices and a UNESCO world heritage site, it holds off on it own against other wonders on the Adriatic coast.

Surprisingly, it took me only 3 hours to walk around the whole of old town. I did not enter the Sponza palace, because of the 20 KN entrance fee. I did not do Fort Lovrijenac because of the 30 KN fee. I did not buy a city wall ticket.

I just bought a 3 KN bottle of water, and walked around the whole of the walled city. Cheap times, you see.

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