Project 365: Day 320 – The great wall of Kotor

17th May 2015 – Kotor, Montenegro

Climbing has never been one of my favourable sports.

Forget sport. It has never even been an activity.

But I am reckless. I try. I always do, rather stupidly.

Only to give up and head down. Oh, the pity!

Town walls of Kotor, Montenegro

Sometimes, it is better to enjoy the view from the ground level – Kotor, Montenegro

I woke up early in the morning today, to do something I hate. Climb.

The upper town walls of Kotor stretch for nearly 4.5 km, and are a steep, vertical climb. Someone told me that the climb was worth it, for the view from the top.

Well, there is a difference between what you see with you own eyes, and what you can photograph. True, the view from the top of the ‘great wall of Kotor’ was splendid. But was it great for a photograph? Apparently not, as I would find out.

But first, I had to try climbing it at 8 AM in the morning when the northern gate opened. I paid the 3 EUR entrance fee, I carried water, but what I didn’t carry was common sense. It was blistering hot, and with no sunscreen and my skin slowly burning, I started to climb the 1000 something steps. (yeah, it was even more steps than the time I climbed the Batu caves in Malaysia)

Around 3KMs later, and after a gruelling 2 hours, I looked down on the city. True, the view was great. But I somehow couldn’t take a satisfactory picture. With my legs crying out loud, I decided to take the way back. Kind of like the same way, when I tried climbing the Tiger’s nest in Bhutan.

At the base, near the Southern gate, I think I got better pictures.

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